Hovermap ST

  • 2022

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

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Hovermap ST sets a new standard in autonomous LiDAR mapping. A powerful combination of precision engineering, world-leading SLAM algorithms, and robust drone autonomy capabilities. The rugged, lightweight, IP65 rated weather-resistant payload, enables the capture of valuable data in previously inaccessible areas.

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  • Some of the world’s largest mining networks can span thousands of kilometres of operational and decommissioned stopes. Geotechnical issues require active tunnels to be inspected regularly for detection and remedy of hazards. Inefficient and ineffective equipment require this time-consuming and laborious task to be undertaken by teams of surveyors in high-risk underground environments, and often necessitates production to be halted. As a result, Emesent’s world-leading, autonomous, LiDAR mapping technology is a very popular alternative in the mining industry, but such harsh environments require a ruggedised adaptation to accommodate these extreme conditions.

  • Hovermap ST is purpose-built for optimal operation and accuracy to map in severe environments and challenging situations, demanding a ruggedised body to protect its instrumentation from extreme temperature and humidity, dust, rain, and rust. The plug and play design and quick-release mechanism allows easy switching between aerial and ground-based scanning. Attach to a drone, vehicle, or pole; lower in cage; or mount to a backpack to collect data anywhere safely and easily. Its compact, lightweight design and autonomous technology affords unrivalled versatility to explore and map previously inaccessible areas, beyond line of sight and communication range even in GPS-denied environments.

  • Hovermap ST is the next generation of Hovermap that has been redesigned from the ground up. The exterior's ruggedisation and weather-resistance and precision engineering have led to an IP65 certification, meaning Hovermap ST will be able to collect more valuable data from harsh environments without concern for dust, rain, extreme temperatures, or humidity. Hovermap ST's autonomous functionality enables operation remotely, allowing operators to remain in safe locations, increasing employer safety. The implications for this are global and relevant for multiple industries.

  • With Autonomous Waypoint Mode, pilots can fly an entire mission by just using a tablet. Hovermap ST’s Tap-to-Fly feature enables exploration in previously inaccessible areas beyond line of sight and communication range, accessing unprecedented insights. The omnidirectional Collision Avoidance, stability control, Guided Exploration, and smart Return-to-Home functions ensure assets are kept safe and valuable equipment doesn’t get damaged or lost Hovermap ST streams a live point cloud to the Hovermap app, providing a real-time preview of the data as it is captured when in communication range. Allowing the user to leave the site confident everything needed has been captured. The 3D point clouds from Hovermap can be augmented with true colour (with additional hardware) , providing a new level of reality capture for additional context, visualization and analysis. Colorization provides greater insights across a variety of applications, revealing previously hidden details in critical infrastructure.