Barista Touch

  • 2018

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    Domestic Appliances

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Breville Group

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The Breville Barista Touch™ allows you to create café quality coffee at home with ease. Combining instant heat up technology, automatic milk texturing, a built-in grinder and an intuitive touch screen display within a compact footprint.

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  • How do you make coffee at home like a Barista? Many consumers aspire to café quality espresso at home but can be intimidated by the complexities of traditional espresso equipment and have little time or desire to develop the knowledge and skills required to achieve great results. Alternately fully automatic machines provide ease of use but lack authenticity and often compromise beverage quality for convenience. The Breville Barista Touch™ solves 3 core challenges; • Creating an experience that is simple, intuitive and engaging. • Provides an authentic barista experience with little training or knowledge. • Makes innovative technology discrete and easy to use.

  • The Barista Touch™ integrates a series of innovative systems into a home friendly compact foot print; Low Mass Instant Heater System: Ready for operation within seconds of being switched ON and is able to seamlessly switch between brewing and steam functions. Auto Milk Texturing: The authenticity of a traditional style steam wand enhanced with air pump, venturi technology to create velvet micro texture automatically and a sensor to stop the operation at the desired temperature. Touch Screen interface: A rich and easy to understand visual language making initial set up and general operation an intuitive and welcoming experience.

  • Commercial Impact: The Barista Touch™ is positioned to appeal to newly engaged consumers seeking to emulate café quality at home without needing the technical skills and knowledge of a barista. This broadening of the Breville range will provide incremental sales growth whilst reinforcing Breville’s continuation as a market leader in domestic espresso. Environmental Impact: The high efficiency Low Mass Instant Heater System applies energy directly to the water and is only required during an operation. Traditional espresso machines with conventional heater systems consume large amounts of energy required to reach and maintain suitable operational temperature even when not in use.

  • Traditionally domestic espresso machines use a thermo block heater to heat water and make steam. Due to their large thermal mass they have a relatively long heat up time. The Barista Touch™ uses a fast response low thermal mass flow through heater which reduces heat up time to 3 seconds and allows precise temperature control of hot water and steam. The Barista Touch™ automates and simplifies the milk texturing process, allowing the user to personalise temperatures and micro-foam textures essential for latte art. The ratio of pumped air and steam mixed through a venturi can be carefully controlled to help create different levels of micro-foam during the milk texturing process and a sensor located in the drip tray automatically completes the process when the users’ desired temperature is reached. The Barista Touch™ will detect when the user has completed the process and automatically steam purge of any remaining milk into the steam tray. The Barista Touch™ intuitively guides tutors consumers through all facets of the machine operation through the convenience of a touch screen interface, allowing users to simply swipe and select from a café-style menu of coffee favourites or create and personalise their own drinks.