Auror Retail Crime Intelligence Platform

  • 2020

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New Zealand

Auror is a real-time crime intelligence platform that transforms the way retailers and Police work together. We make it easy for businesses to report information about crime in their stores, and use that information to provide actionable intelligence to solve and prevent crime, delivering results that make communities safer.

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  • Auror was already successful and loved, but UX debt meant it wasn't meeting the needs of our users as well as we wanted. We undertook a complete redesign to improve UX, focusing on: • Making it simple and fast for retail store teams to capture information on crime. Creating intelligence through identifying repeat offenders and organised retail crime groups. • Surfacing the right information to the right people at the right time and using real-time notifications and data analytics to prevent more crime. • These help to make our platform capable of delivering on our vision of having connected communities to prevent crime.

  • Shoplifting costs retailers over $100 billion every year. Over the last 5 years, we’ve had thousands of conversations with retailers and police about how we can make crime reporting easier, and spent hundreds of hours watching people report crime. We identified a number of challenges to overcome, with three significant: • Make the reporting process easy & flexible. Store teams are busy so capturing information needs to be fast yet comprehensive. • Identify repeat offending and Organised Retail Crime groups across isolated events, and provide actionable insights to prevent crime. • Enable collaboration between retailers and law enforcement to reach better outcomes.

  • Reducing crime Making crime easier to report leads to the identification of offenders and organised crime groups that have the biggest impact on our customers and community. Our data shows that 10% of offenders are responsible for 50% of loss. Saving time and money It has led to customers saving 40+ minutes for every incident. Many customers are now seeing a 20% reduction in their loss (tens of millions of dollars every year) as they’re able to better solve and prevent crime in their stores. This has also made stores safer and a better shopping experience for customers and staff.

  • • Ability to accurately link repeat offenders by name or distinguishing features • Ability to easily crop and edit photos • The ability to merge multiple person profiles across multiple organisations whilst honouring privacy restrictions of each organisation and user role. • Visibility into busiest days and times, top products and offenders to create actionable prevention strategies • Improvements to how events are reported to NZ Police, including feedback loops and Police status updates • Automated debt collection for people who intentionally drive off or are unable to pay for fuel - resulting in 300% increase in recovered money • Ability for Police to quickly locate vehicles involved in serious crimes (with appropriate authority) through Auror’s network of Automatic Numberplate Recognition systems installed at customer sites, saving hundreds of hours of manually reviewing CCTV footage for each investigation. • Capturing data in a structured way that allows for users to search anything quickly • A universal taxonomy of Product Categories across all retail industries • Tailored notifications based on locations and incident severity • Ability to tag people in conversations for instant updates • Real time prevention of fuel theft using Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras