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  • 2022

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  • Digital Delivery, EST
  • Co-Designed with Individual Clients

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Australian Taxation Office

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The ATO app introduced a contemporary experience that transformed the way individual clients interact with us by providing purposefully-designed services that make it easy to manage tax and superannuation. The modern and personalised design increased overall app usage by 98%, and established an extensible platform for future services and improvements.

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  • The challenge was to re-design and transform the existing ATO app – this involved: •creating a modern app experience that enables users to securely access personalised and streamlined interactions that help them manage their tax and superannuation. •transitioning existing app users and increase their usage of the ATO app, while appealing to new users to take-up the app. •implementing foundational capabilities to establish the ATO app as a core self-service channel for individual clients. •overcoming technical constraints to deliver an optimised user experience – new authentication solutions and new services while ensuring optimal system performance.

  • The ATO app delivered on all aspects of the challenge: •users can set up secure login using device biometrics to access their tax and superannuation information, including lodgments and payments that are due. •users are guided through the tax return process from start to finish, including easy access to check progress and seamless navigation into ATO’s online services via WebView. •existing app users have continued to use the ATO app and provided positive feedback, while overall app usage has increased markedly. •authentication and personalised, native features have established a foundational platform for future services and enhancements.

  • The ATO app achieved positive impacts for: •users by making it easier to engage with their superannuation and tax obligations, anytime anywhere via a user-friendly self-service channel. When more individuals engage, this in turn contributes to the economic and social wellbeing of all Australians. •ATO by reducing phone calls as client behaviour has changed. This enables more staff to focus on high-value work. •the environment by improving the digital tax ecosystem and facilitating experiences where ‘tax just happens’ and paper interactions are by exception. Decreased paper interactions contribute to a more sustainable future and smaller carbon footprint.

  • The ATO’s vision is to be a leading tax and superannuation administration known for contemporary service, expertise and integrity – delivering this project has moved us closer to that vision. The ATO app: •was co-designed with clients and iterated based on feedback to meet their expectations. •is extensible for delivering new services and can grow to meet future needs. •complements ATO’s suite of digital services and builds client trust which are essential to encouraging client engagement in the long term. Since launching in July 2021, usage has significantly increased to 70m screen views – a 98% increase compared to the same period last year. User feedback is positive: •OMG. You've completely redesigned the ATO app! I've gotta tell you, this definitely is an amazing redesign and it's great that you can finally access your tax information on the go, without having to log into myGov or the website every time! •From the Touch ID to being able to easily access my tax return, lodgements and payments, this is a polished and useful app. •The difference between this app and the old app is night and day. Great work to everyone involved in getting this made. Love all the new features!