Atmos Cold Drip Coffee

  • 2020

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

Designed By:

  • People&Things
  • Karl Mikkelsen
  • Penny Mikkelsen
  • Karl Vaupel

Commissioned By:

ATMOS Coffee Pty Ltd.

Designed In:


ATMOS uses a unique design and filtering process to brew full flavoured cold drip in just a few simple steps – featuring an elegant design that will take pride-of-place in your kitchen.

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  • Traditional cold drip devices are complex, require continual tap adjustment and are difficult to clean. The brief for ATMOS was to remove the need for tap adjustment, be compact with minimal parts and easy to clean. The brief required solid stainless steel to prevent taste contamination and perfect clarity in the glass. Additionally it needed to be sustainable with 100% recyclable packaging and no consumables such as paper filters.

  • All functional requirements were solved with just two metal parts, and the same bottle used above and below. By using the upper geometry to create an automatic atmospheric airlock, there is no need for the usual tap and regular adjustments. Utilizing surface tension to form a drip in the centre removed the need for a separate funnel while providing uniform water flow over the coffee. This means only two small parts do the task of a large contraption, while the ATMOS pack includes 3 bottles for continuous “drink while you brew” enjoyment.

  • Cold Drip has remained largely in the realm of cafe’s due to the size and complexity of the device required. ATMOS allows people to conveniently have these benefits at home, while exploring the art of cold drip with friends and family. Separating the time when coffee is brewed, from when it is enjoyed allows the user to make a ritual of an evening - and have plenty of delicious, strong coffee ready at all times. ATMOS is designed to last a lifetime, with the convenience of a pod machine and without the environmental impact.

  • Accompanied by a rich coffee smell, ATMOS is intended to be indulgent to watch as it creates tomorrow’s coffee, drop by drop.