ASKO Duo Fusion

  • 2015

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    Domestic Appliances

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  • ATAG/ASKO-Design Team

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The Duo Fusion is a 90cm cooktop which combines two energy sources. One being a 57cm induction cooktop (electric) and the other being a 33cm Gas Wok burner. These two cooking methods are combined into one piece of 6mm ceramic glass.
No other cooktop on the market combines two energy sources. The beauty is you can experience true wok cooking but also have the speed, safety and precision of induction cooking.

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  • The design has a element of being understated, all graphics are in the background and do not leap off the product. With the duo fusion having the element of two energy sources we have also approached the wok burner in a way of one simple dial.

  • The product has dual functionality the wok burner is designed around commercial wok burner technology, giving you the utmost control over your energy source and true wok cooking. Yet you also have all the benefits of induction cooking.

  • The induction side and the wok both have automatic cut outs in the case of emergency. The induction side has maximum cooking times, will also turn off in the event of heating beyond 300c during cooking. The wok has flame failure if the flame is extinguished.

  • All the individual components weighing in excess of 5 grams are marked for recycling. This product is also manufactured under the strict guidelines of ISO14001 environmental accreditation.

    This product has been life cycle tested for 15 years. All materials selected can withstand temperatures beyond 300c and we use predominantly steel and glass on all our cooking surfaces. The dial for our wok burner is also made of a material composite called Zamak (Zinc/Aluminium/Magnesium/Copper)

    The product is made to enhance the ASKO brand with an understated appearance which keeps with the tradition of ASKO's Swedish brand heritage. The Duo Fusion caters to the growing induction market in Australia who also want gas appliances for wok cooking as well.

    No other brand has a product with two energy sources. This enables the home cook to have the flexibility of using two methods of cooking. One being true wok cooking which cannot be done on an induction cooktop. And secondly an induction cooktop that not only heats up but has automatic programs to aid you in cooking at the correct temperature.