Arrow x Fluid Head Series

  • 2016

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Designed By:

  • Andrew Barnes
  • Micheal Abelev

Commissioned By:

Miller Camera Support

Designed In:


The Arrow x fluid head series is ideal for Electronic News Gathering (ENG), Electronic Film Production (EFP) and Documentary production.

Arrow x fluid heads have selectable and adjustable pan / tilt drag, and counterbalance settings to produce repeatable set-up’s, and the smooth camera movements essential for high quality film production.

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  • The operator friendly design has readily accessible controls with an intuitive layout that make set-up and operation quick and easy. Illuminated controls help the user achieve a perfect set-up, even at night or on a darkened set. The design features: mounting points for viewfinders and accessories, a large tilt range, a sliding camera platform with 120 mm of travel and the ability to be flat mounted without a tripod, all this combined in a low profile, stylish and lightweight fluid head. Quick attachment of the camera utilises the industry standard "Euro" camera plate, while a wide payload range enables the Arrow x fluid head to be used with a large assortment of cameras, lenses and accessories.

  • The 'CB Plus' counterbalance system. Miller's innovative and patented, 16 position 'CB Plus' sequential counterbalance system delivers the flexibility, speed of set up and accuracy of shot, professionals demand. The fluid-drag and counterbalance systems were designed to reduce the effort required to operate the camera and provide excellent control and repeat-ability by offering progressive, equal increments of drag and torque. The 'CB Plus' knob ergonomically located at the front of the head, adds a half step between each of the eight major selections enabling the user to fine-tune the counterbalance when required. This system provides smooth camera movements translating to sharp, vibration free footage on screen.

  • High manufacturing standards, precision CNC machining and quality control ensure Arrow x components are produced with high tolerances that result in precision movements. The use of quality bearings, corrosion resistant materials, high strength impact absorbing polymers and dust proof, moisture resistant housings for the Arrow x range ensure reliability even in the world's toughest environmental conditions. The performance of the Arrow X fluid head will be consistent in temperatures between -40 to +65 degrees C. The Arrow X series uses a high quality powder coated paint finish, wear resistant pad printing ink on the selector knob and chemically sealed unpainted surfaces for excellent durability.

  • The Arrow x fluid head was designed to provide stable camera support while being quick and easy to set-up with the flexibility for quick changes to equipment configuration. This is reflected in the layout of the controls which are located within easy reach of the operator and can be accessed quickly and intuitively. The control of the counterbalance and pan / tilt drag settings is by way of large knobs which are ergonomic and precise. A two color system helps tie the function of the 'CB Plus' switch located at the front of the head to the main counterbalance selection knob. The pan handle can be attached on either side of the fluid head to suit individual operators' ergonomic requirements.

    A fluid head is primarily a mechanical device whose purpose is to provide smooth camera movements. Generally its form follows its function and the layout of internal mechanical components. Externally the Arrow x fluid head has a stylish form and a symmetrical visual balance of the components and controls. There is a visual logic, intuitively recognisable to camera operators, to the layout of controls thus maintaining utmost functionality. The satin black, ripple paint finish looks good and resists scuff marks and finger prints. The reason most camera equipment is black in colour is to minimise any undue light reflections on set or reflected back into the camera.

    The Arrow x fluid head has an anticipated Product Life Cycle of 20 years or more. Miller Camera Support has a world-wide network of dealers and service centers' to ensure your fluid head is always at peak performance. The features and retail price point of the Arrow x surpass any competitors product in the 100 mm fluid head class. So buying an Arrow x fluid head represents excellent value for money to the purchaser. The Arrow x fluid head series will replace Miller Camera Supports' flagship and world renowned 'Arrow' series. It is anticipated the Arrow x fluid head series will build on this brand recognition and return good profitability for Miller Camera Support, for years into the future.

    Miller Camera Support takes user safety seriously. A fluid head has moving parts during operation and there has been a conscious effort made in the design process to reduce any pinch points to a minimum. There are several locking and safety features to ensure the payload remains secure during both set-up and operation. This ensures no unexpected injury occurs to users or damage to valuable camera equipment. Screw locks on the pan and tilt functions, as well as the sliding platform, combined with a two stage release mechanism for the camera plate ensure the security of the camera gear and safeguard against unintentional use.