• 2021

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    Web Design and Development

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The Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) and Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society (AMCOS) supports over 100,000 music creators. In mid-2020 we were enlisted to develop their new site in collaboration with their in-house design team. The result was a modern, mobile-first, user-centred site using Craft CMS.

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  • The brief was clear - help APRA AMCOS improve their member user experience by building an easily navigable, streamlined new site. We spent time engaging with the old site and researching the APRA AMCOS key audiences, meaning we were able to identify efficient ways to enhance the user experience and improve processes for website admins. Key challenges faced by primary audiences included: finding important content online; reporting (both songs and earnings) via the portal; and improving functionality for content managers by providing custom modules for some of APRA AMCOS' key content, allowing for rich, dynamic content experiences.

  • When APRA AMCOS enlisted our help, their user experience was exceptionally poor thanks to a clunky, difficult to navigate site. In response, we created a new site that provides a streamlined user experience and presents content in a clean, easy-to-locate manner. It's also very functional. When building, we made sure the new website had the functionality to use the portal to report to APRA AMCOS / check in on song earnings; promote news articles and upcoming events; and give content managers the ability (and flexibility) to upload and share custom content using a component-based system, meaning less dependence on developers.

  • For this project, we were most focussed on commercial impact. We kept business growth and brand loyalty front of mind when redeveloping the APRA AMCOS site, as we wanted to both retain key members and become even more of a leading industry presence in the eyes of new music creators. To do this we made it easier to promote important content (in alignment with digital marketing efforts); set up better SEO and UX structures; included an easy-to-update CMS for the internal APRA AMCOS team; and implemented behavioural track and monitoring technology to improve all-round site UX.