Ampfibian X1 Weatherproof Connection Protection

  • 2017

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

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Ampfibian Pty Ltd

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The X1 keeps electrical plugs and sockets connected and dry. The patented seals eliminate the risk of electrocution in the wet, while the retaining mechanisms safely lock the connections together by acting on the leads, not the plugs. At home or on-site, the X1 keeps you connected and safe.

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  • The three-way seal at the heart of the X1 keeps the inside of the housing dry to an independently tested and verified ingress protection (IP) rating of IP55 to AS60529 - the equivalent of hitting it with the jet from a garden hose. It seals any size lead up to 12mm diameter and even works with nothing inserted at all. This unique and patented sealing mechanism was inspired by nature: human lips.

  • “Don't pull on the lead” is excellent advice: it risks pulling the wires out of the plug, exposing the current carrying conductors. Inferior products use internal ribs or baffles to hold the plugs in place, which is the equivalent of pulling on the lead. The X1 includes a patented lead-retaining mechanism that acts on the leads, not on the plugs. This withstands pull-out forces of more than 100kg, without damaging the leads, the plugs, or the X1: safe strong and reliable.

  • The clear UV resistant housing allows quick visual inspection of power indicator lights, and confirms the integrity of the seals and connection. Made from polycarbonate (PC), the material used in riot-shields and motorcycle helmet visors, the elevated "X"es don't just look smart, but keep the recessed panels scratch free. The orange cleats and hanging hook are made from Acetal (POM), an engineering plastic used in seatbelts and gearboxes. While it slides beautifully against itself and the housing, the teeth provide optimum grip strength without damaging the cable. The X1 is independently tested and verified to resist impacts up to IK09 (as per EN62262).

  • The housing has an integrated securing loop for padlocks or lock-out tags on construction and mining sites. A flip-out hook can be used to hang the X1 off the ground, improving electrical safety and reducing trip hazards. The cleats snap closed automatically when the housing is shut to make things a bit more user friendly. The most important safety and user information is permanently engraved on the housing. Everyone in the supply chain is considered, not just the customer: packing, stacking, display and disposal instructions are all included on the packaging.

    The best part about the X1's packaging is that there is so little of it. Fifteen X1s share one shipper carton, which also doubles as a display carton (SRP/RRP) that opens without a knife. There is no big plastic clam-shell packaging, just a fraction of a gram's worth of recyclable PET shrink film to stop people tampering with it. There is no big throw-away header card as the instructions are performing double-duty. That and the tight arrangement of the units inside the box means we're shipping the least amount of air. If a store wants to display the X1s on a hanger, they can use the built-in flip-out hook. Recycle logos are prominently displayed on all packaging.

    Ease-of-use was high on the list of design objectives, as people are more likely to adopt safe practices if they are quick and easy. Open the two housing clips, twist the orange cleats until they latch open, and drop-in the plug and socket allowing some slack. Closing the unit releases the retaining cleats; a nice positive “click” lets you know the unit is closed properly. It takes a bit of oomph which sets the seals and ensures the integrity of the unit. The X1 accepts the largest range of leads on the market, there are no fiddly additional parts or operations, everything is self-contained. All user interfaces are smooth, crisp and provide clear feedback: the product inspires confidence.