AMP Retirement Careers

  • 2018

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Retirement is seldom looked at in depth by Australians and more so until their later years in life. Moreover, visiting a Superannuation site can be overwhelming. So, how do you excite and generate interest in the category? Well, if you’re AMP you give them Retirement Careers.

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  • With one hundred and sixty years of experience in helping Australians take control of their lives AMP wanted to help Australians access their wealth of knowledge. However, the challenge with having all that information for the user is knowing where to start. There was also a segment of the population who would be overwhelmed by so much information. The purpose of the digital engagement activity was to excite and engage audiences explore their options in retirement. The journey needed to share creative, insightful and meaningful information around AMP expertise in retirement.

  • Through the clients research we discovered 4 key personality traits that retirees fell under. This led us to the thought that life does not stop when you retire - you actually take on another career. From this Retirement Careers was born - a buzz feed-styled quiz, light enough to be shareable, but detailed enough to be informative. The quiz itself was delivered through a custom built micro site and promoted through social media.

  • Client benchmarks AMP website: exceeded by: three hundred and ninety two % Client benchmark AMP quiz: exceeded by: three hundred and seventeen % Quiz completion seventy seven percent and the share rate was well above industry standard for our target demographic. But most importantly, The AMP Retirement Career Quiz, helped fifteen thousand Australians begin thinking about their most suited retirement career.

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