AirFit™ F30i

  • 2020

  • Product
    Medical and Scientific

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  • ResMed

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ResMed’s AirFit™ F30i – a CPAP mask that has been designed to give each individual user the freedom to sleep naturally, in their preferred position. The top-of-head tube connection provides maximum freedom of movement while the UltraCompact cushion curves purposefully under the nose for the a comfortable and secure fit.

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  • Providing optimal therapeutic yet natural sleeping to our users was paramount, regardless of their sleep position choices. At the outset, sleep apnea therapy can be confronting, possibly a little scary, so we challenged ourselves to ease any induced anxiety by giving users the freedom to prepare for bed and sleep the way they normally would, whilst still giving them the confidence that the mask fit would be secure and comfortable every night. We designed for an easy to use, intuitive product that would fit around the user’s life rather than requiring users to fit their life around the product.

  • The UltraCompact cushion, carefully designed after extensive anthropometric research, is the most bespoke to date from ResMed and successfully contours to the complicated, unique geometries under the nose. Its form fundamentally eradicates any embarrassing red marks that can persist on user’s nose bridges, and allows for reading with glasses in bed. The top-of-head tubing connection removes any drag on the crucial cushion seal and keeps tubing out of the way, providing an effortless tube management solution for back sleepers, side-sleepers and even front-sleepers. The quick-release elbow, magnet headgear clips and frame-to-cushion clip features provide flexibility for convenient donning and doffing.

  • This product has changed how full face CPAP users interact with their mask. No longer do they have to adapt their sleeping experience to their mask. Now they have a product that allows them to get the benefits of CPAP treatment whilst enjoying a more natural sleeping experience. A clinically proven high performance seal in any sleep position provides an extremely adaptable mask solution for users. For new users it helps ease them through the transition to therapy and for experienced users they can now have the natural sleep experience they’ve been craving.

  • An UltraCompact full face, top-of-head connection CPAP mask that provides users the life changing benefits of sleep apnea therapy, whilst offering a more natural sleeping experience. The UltraCompact, curved-under-the-nose cushion provides an unobtrusive yet secure seal, avoiding the potential redness and soreness of a typical over-the-nose cushion, and keeping the face clear so users can wear glasses to read or watch TV. All 4 cushion sizes were meticulously optimised for performance across ethnicity, gender and age considerations. The 3D frame, designed to meet impedance requirements to accurately deliver the prescribed air pressure to the mask, facilitates freedom of movement and comes in 3 sizes providing expansive coverage across different head geometries. The quick-release elbow, magnet headgear clips and frame-to-cushion clip features provide easy-to-use, intuitive connection and disconnection interfaces crucial for night-time bathroom trips. Safety critical Anti-Asphyxia Valves, mandated in all full face masks were cleverly re-designed to sit unobtrusively within either side of the 3D frame-to-cushion connectors, opening to atmosphere and allowing normal breathing in the event of power failure. Venting split between the cushion and elbow provides low velocity jetting of exhaled CO2 through the cushion vent for an improved bed partner experience.