AirBolt: The Truly Smart Travel Lock

  • 2017

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    Consumer Electronics

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AirBolt Pty Ltd

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AirBolt is a Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Travel Lock (the first in the world for Travel) which talks to your phone to unlock.

No more keys, no more combinations! It’s secure, it can help find your luggage if you lose it and you can share access with friends and family.

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  • Traditional travel locks come in two forms: numeric combination and key. Essentially, this design has been unchanged since the mid-1800's. With AirBolt, we started from the ground up and completely re-thought the travel lock with the intent to make it more intuitive and user-friendly. A lot of thought went into the design of AirBolt. We wanted to design a travel lock that was radically different, something for the future but one that also provided a sense of familiarity. AirBolt looks strangely familiar but invokes a sense of curiosity for the customer to explore the features and functionality a bit further.

  • AirBolt is completely intuitive and using it requires a very short learning curve before becoming second-nature. We have kept simplicity and ease of use in mind when designing the AirBolt. At its core, once paired with Bluetooth, all it takes is one push of a button to unlock AirBolt. This means no more fiddly keys or remembering combinations. And should you not have your phone on you, the left and right buttons on the AirBolt can be used to tap out your unique combination to provide an alternative mode of access. In the very beginning, the user is guided through a very simple setup process where the app acts as a guide to help you pair AirBolt with your phone.

  • AirBolt's patented design allows it to be locked in many different ways from using the loop formation to its zipper slots. “Flexibility in use” was a key design criteria. You can use it for your luggage, your gym locker, anything you want. The technology behind AirBolt is featured packed and designed to conserve energy by switching to lower power mode. AirBolt is the world's first purpose-built Bluetooth powered travel lock. It allows you to view access history, share it with friends and family and it's even got proximity alerts - in case someone tries to steal your luggage or you leave your bag behind by accident! By using crowdsourced location tracking it can even help find your bag (or the item you locked).

  • AirBolt is constructed with a solid metal outer case and stainless steel rope, giving AirBolt the same superior strength & rigidity that is expected from security devices and travel locks today. The AirBolt is also weather resistant so users can be confident their luggage is safe in all weather conditions and it's rechargeable! Each AirBolt goes through a stringent QA process using testing rigs designed and built in Australia to ensure the highest build quality and that the product is constructed exactly to specification.

    AirBolt is TSA accepted, the most common international regulatory approval required for travel locks. AirBolt's design meets TSA and FCC requirements and is CE Certified. Furthermore, should a user be travelling in a place where TSA protocols do not apply, in a world first innovation, AirBolt can allow the TSA access to be disabled electronically. AirBolt uses the latest Bluetooth Low Energy chipset and is secured using industry leading AES 128-bit encryption which offers ample security for most users. Along with this, AirBolt deploys an additional proprietary layer of security on top.

    In October 2015 AirBolt set out to raise $50,000 for production funding and to assess market demand via Kickstarter. The campaign received an overwhelming response with worldwide media coverage. AirBolt achieved its goal within four days and was over 400% funded by the end reaching a figure range only 3.5% of campaigns achieve! AirBolt started out with mass appeal in mind, so our philosophy is to be able to make the product available and accessible to as many people as possible.