Aftercare to Stride Rebrand

  • 2021

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In 1907, as pioneers in mental health, Aftercare filled the gap to care for people after leaving hospital. Today, clients choose from a baffling array of providers. Aftercare needed greater focus to compete effectively. The brand, anchored in the past, needed to attract clients hoping for a better future. Aftercare, was renamed ‘Stride’ to better reflect its positioning. The name also speaks to the fact that wherever clients are on their recovery journey, Stride will be by their side. A contemporary identity was also created that adopts a master brand approach.

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  • Changes to the NDIS gave clients more control over their provider. To cut through a cluttered market, attract partners and help clients choose well, the brand needed clarity and emotional appeal, supporting a new business strategy focussing on children, young people, and complex mental health issues. An additional challenge, Aftercare had previously embarked on an unsuccessful re-branding exercise only two years prior. The new brand identity needed to feel authentic to staff. It was critical to bring them on a journey of change and acceptance, particularly as the first task we identified was the need to change a 123-year-old name.

  • We provided clarity of purpose and messaging, positioning Aftercare as a brand that thinks outside the box and guides people towards a positive future. The outdated Aftercare name was replaced with Stride, reflecting the organisation's transformation and progress. The contemporary identity, with a Masterbrand approach, includes a tool kit with a bold, directional logo, soft colour palette, elegant type style and practical design system. A bespoke suite of brand images uses real staff and clients to connect to individual stories. We developed an all-new brand voice, website design and development aiding client decision making and service, identity implementation and roll-out.

  • The Stride brand is a beacon to new clients, who responded positively in research. It has also been well-adopted by proud staff. The brand drives the new business strategy: Stride CEO Andrew Young said: "This work marks a new chapter for Aftercare. With a new name, brand story and an all-new look, we are equipped to better support our strategic focus to be mental health specialists for children and young adults, and any person with complex needs."

  • The level of collaboration and consultation in the design process was thorough and thoughtful, and we were invited to present the brand at the launch event in QLD to over 100 senior leaders. With people who were so emotionally invested in their brand, who had rejected another previous attempt at rebranding, this audience may seem a tough gig. But many people came up to us and said, "You really get us and our clients," "You've really listened" and, "That feels like us." The striking Stride brand has been pivotal in enabling the organisation to attract and merge with the creative Kids Xpress brand, which builds expertise with children, commerciality and valuable fundraising expertise. To announce the merger, Stride and KidsXpress requested an animation that brought the two brands together, with Stride striding in and meeting KidsXpress in the middle. It quickly demonstrated a meeting of minds in children's mental health, telling a powerful story with good design.