Advisor Tetra Two-Way Pager

  • 2018

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Commissioned By:

Motorola Solutions

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The ADVISOR TPG2200 TETRA two-way pager alerts firefighters, emergency personnel, and healthcare workers about emergency situations during all hours and conditions. It also allows them to acknowledge assignments and share status. It uses the existing radio system to assure a mission critical link when responders are needed most.

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  • Paging technology has been replaced by other means in many categories. It is, however, uniquely suited for volunteer firefighters and others who demand an uninterrupted, purpose built, reliable link to emergency calls and situations. Designers were challenged to update this technology and create an intuitive device which meets MIL-STD 810 D/E/F ratings, offers battery life of up to 48 hours, and is still viable to wear and use by modern consumers.

  • The ADVISOR TPG2200 TETRA two-way pager is designed as a compact wearable device intended for users in both on and off duty situations. It offers simple one-handed use. Users can quickly read and respond to messages with a bright, 2" color display and familiar user interface. The pager is wearable without getting in the way thanks to a lightweight, compact design. The TPG2200 is IP54 rated for dust and water protection to assure it will keep working even when exposed to the elements. The device is designed to work on existing Tetra radio systems.

  • This solution has resonated well with emergency organizations that demand a more uniform and reliable way to alert and dispatch personnel. By creating an unobtrusive and rugged solution users are able to integrate this solution into their everyday lifestyle and equipment set. Volunteer firefighters, for example, are involved in a variety of off-duty activities and the universal Design of this device enables it to be used in very diverse environments and conditions. This has impacted agencies with a more consistent and reliable solution to keep their people informed and available.

  • The easy to use and wear form factor is supplemented with the following intuitive features: •Familiar, simple and intuitive user interface with bright 2” color display -Loud and clear audio with 8 selectable alerts -Option to add customised alert WAV files with specific audio labels •Vibration alert with 5 selectable vibration patterns •One handed operation with intuitive control shapes.