Adjusta Mattress

  • 2020

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    Medical and Scientific

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Jay Burnz

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Adjusta Mattress was created and patented in 2017 offering a unique design unlike anything else on the market. Adjusta Mattress provides an Adjustable, Massage Mattress which enables you to keep your existing bed base whilst still offering the benefits of Adjustably which assists in a wide range of health complaints.

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Image: Adjusta Mattress
Image: Adjusta Mattress - Head Raised
Image: Adjusta Mattress - Caravan Mattress on existing Base
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  • Design a sleep system that assist the lives of people who experience a range of health conditions, as well as those who experience poor sleep health. Health conditions include but are not limited to sleep apnoea, sleep disorders, respiratory issues, restless legs, circulatory issues, lower back pain, stress & anxiety.

  • The unique design has the mechanics strategically stored inside high density memory foam mattress. Mattress features integrated body massage and a wireless remote which enables individuals to pre-set their preferred position. Adjusta Mattress is a dual system so both parties can sleep in their preferred sleep position. It offers zero gravity button which paces the body in its natural alignment whilst also taking pressure off the vital organs. Adjusta Mattress is listed with ARTG as a class 1 medical device, and its functionality has been shown to significantly assist in a wide range of sleep health conditions as listed above.

  • The impact that we have experienced with our customers is that of improved sleep, comfort and overall wellbeing. There are other adjustable beds on the market and we provide those too, however, the sleek design of our Adjusta Mattress means our product maintains style while providing the functional capabilities that assist in sleep health at dual capacity. All of our customers have the advantage of being able to enjoy their Adjusta Mattress from their home, caravan or boat with innovative design and specially rounded corners for boats and caravans.

  • We have received a 5 star rating from our customers reviews and testimonials. Our product range provides sleep systems for homes, caravans or boats. The boat and caravan mattress' have specially designed rounded corners to accommodate existing structures. Customers also have to option to fit the mattress on top of their existing bed base, or purchase a complete base and mattress system. Our beds are made from 100% certified organic Cotton. We offer remove-able covers for easy cleaning, dual sleep systems enabling both people to sleep in their preferred position, high density memory foam, and integrated body massage with 3 levels of intensity. Adjusta Mattress features a user friendly wireless remote and a preset memory function. The Adjusta Mattress has a 5 year warranty, and the motor and bed base has a 10 year warranty. We are currently partnered with the Australian Sleep Health Foundation, Sleep Disorders Australia, Australian Spinal Research Foundation, Diabetes New Zealand, and Diabetes Queensland. (166/200 words)