AcoustiSorb sound absorbing wall panels by Modular Wall Systems

  • 2016

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

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Modular Wall Systems

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A new composite acoustic wall panel, AcoustiSorb™ is a star performer in sound absorption and attenuation products ideal for any domestic or commercial environment. Its sound absorbing barrier walls and enclosures can significantly reduce noise in all directions, helping to create a peaceful environment for residents and workers affected by noise.

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  • This significantly differs from traditional concrete barriers where sound is simply bounced back onto another area, thereby transferring the issue rather than resolving it. Rather than reflect sound back onto opposing areas, each AcoustiSorb™ panel has a perforated face to absorb sound waves within its core material. AcoustiSorb™ panels have a proven sound transmission rating of 30-40 Rw (tunable for the solution) and deliver six times fold audible reduction (site specific). These panels also produce a sound absorbing coefficient (NRC) of 0.95 which means the panels absorb 95% of the transmitted sound. This is a positive step forward and a critical technical and performance consideration.

  • AcoustiSorb™ panels are lightweight and can be manufactured up to four metres in length, and installed horizontally or vertically to suit the needs of the project. AcoustiSorb™ is suitable for virtually any internal and external application - from minimising noise between suburban homes, loading docks, machinery enclosures plus rail and infrastructure projects. AcoustiSorb™ is completely weatherproof and high-impact resistant, making it a long-lasting solution in the harsh Australian conditions.