Aboriginal Theming

  • 2020

  • Communication

Designed By:

  • Karen Briggs

Commissioned By:

Karen Briggs

Designed In:


Aboriginal illustrator design who was part of the modernisation team to create unique Aboriginal theming for internally government buildings. The aim of this project was to imbed culture and show respect and reconciliation by creating culturally appropriate designs through community consultations from elders across different regions in SA.

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  • My design challenge was to create Aboriginal theming that shows respect to Aboriginal staff by representing our culture in the work place, to be culturally inclusive. My challenge was engaging with local elders and interpreting their local dreaming stories visually into the work place. I only had glass offices and a some walls to work with after the floors had been renovated into open plan which meant less structure to work with. So the artwork wasn't too over bearing and loud I decided to have this printed in white or two tone onto the glass.

  • This project met and exceeded the brief by giving the area an Aboriginal theme through creating detailed artwork that was unique to my Aboriginal culture. I was able to create contemporary Aboriginal artwork with textures shapes and dots which would also give the office and room light through the artwork its self. Some walls had dreaming stories printed on them with coloured icons printed next to them along with choosing Aboriginal art work form the local groups in SA to be placed on the walls.

  • The design impact was achieved by the large Aboriginal pattens dots and icons which gave the office floors a lift and added in some creativity for staff to enjoy. Many staff loved going into the quite rooms and being surrounded by my artwork while having privacy on the phone or laptop while still having light showing through the area.

  • The key feature was naming the quiet and meeting rooms after prominent Aboriginal people in SA which gave the staff some understanding of Aboriginal Culture. Staff could engage and meet with Aboriginal Community members in the Kaurna room showing Aboriginal Kangaroo artwork around the space. This showed the government had engaging in mutual respect by representing their cultural.