Queensland Rail Station Design Manual

  • 2022

  • Communication

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Queensland Rail

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Queensland Rail required a full overhaul of their Station Design Manual, a key document in the suite of reference documents for station upgrades statewide including the South East Queensland network and regional Travel and Tourism services.

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Image: Queensland Rail Station Design Manual
Image: Printed and online
Image: New divider graphics specific to each chapter
Image: Digital station modelling to inform a variety of infographics
Image: Over 180 new icons and illustrations
Image: Illustrations replace out of date imagery
Image: Flexible layout options to accommodate a variety of content
Image: Project graphics inspired by station elements
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  • The original document was managed in Microsoft Word and was dominantly text and tabulated information with minimal diagrams and imagery. A key problem identified early on was the lack of engagement by the intended audience. Throughout the process of the project a number of key milestones were achieved including: – Existing manual detailed review report – Stakeholder and user-group consultation workshops – Research and user engagement surveys – Exemplar framework and benchmarking studies – Detailed chapter mapping and reworking – Text and tone of voice edits and review – 3D Revit station modelling and testing – Software tutorials and staff training workshops

  • The design solution features a new identity for the Station Design Manual, inspired by station design elements, that comfortably sits within the overarching brand of Queensland Rail while also maximising engagement for users. Additional features of the project include: – 160+ new MS Word templates for ongoing internal department updates – 1 master Adobe Indesign template – 100+ new icons inspired by individual station elements – 80+ new diagrams and illustrations – 60+ new photographs – 1000+ Interactive links (web version) – 7 new chapter divider graphics – 1 new User Guide document

  • The result is a unified Station Design Manual that is purpose built for reference and engagement by both new and experienced station designers and consultants. The project sets a strong benchmark for future design manuals across multiple industries and how they can be reimagined as informative, engaging and user friendly resources that ultimately contribute to stronger design outcomes. The document is currently closed to the public but can be downloaded as an interactive PDF upon request from Queensland Rail.

  • The project was completed in early 2021 and faced a number of challenges, most notably the global pandemic of COVID-19. Despite various setbacks the Station Design Manual stands as a testament to all those who contributed to the project. Conrad Gargett’s services for this ambitious project generally included facilitating collaborative workshops with numerous Queensland Rail internal stakeholders as well as selected external stakeholders, undertaking research and investigating precedents, presenting findings, examples, and options, and creating and writing documentation, optioneering new graphics, restyling the overall look and feel, and providing holistic cohesion to the document.