A Bad Gorilla Day

  • 2021

  • Communication

Designed By:

  • Krystle Lovett
  • Zenja Gammer

Commissioned By:

Krystle Lovett

Designed In:


A Bad Gorilla Day is a beautiful children’s picture book designed by Australian author K.S.D’arcy and international digital artist Zenja Gammer, specifically designed to help support and inspire children going through a difficult time.

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  • 'A Bad Gorilla Day, but, A Great Gorilla Life!' Precious and precarious can be the time spent inside a hospital with an unwell child. And for the child, a bad day, week, month, can feel like 'A Bad Life', entirely. It can be difficult for a small child to see and understand that better days are coming in the middle of a problematic and or traumatic experience. It is not specifically exclusive to children in hospital, but rather children who are experiencing all kinds of challenging and overwhelming circumstances, big and small, often feeling alone in their worries and fears.

  • Together with its profoundly captivating imagery, 'A Bad Gorrila Day' provides the message to children that things can always improve and feelings are only temporary. By bridging the gap between children and adults, humans and animals, this book empowers children to feel hope without feeling shame for their current feelings of worry and or sadness. Reassuring them that all of us, big and small, animals included have days when life feels, well, like a 'Bad Gorilla Life', but alas, it is merely 'A Bad Gorilla Day,' and as quickly as it showed up, it will improve and turn around.

  • "This beautifully written and illustrated book is so universally relevant to children of all walks of life who may be going through a tough time. As a family mediator, I'd happily provide this book to all the families I see to give them a sense of hope and remind them they aren't alone in difficult times. It's an absolute work of art." - Krystal Darcey, Australia. Manager of Family Dispute Resolution Service, Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP), BA Psychology and Human Resources

  • Our Goal Through Design "I don't have the power to change the world, but I have the magic to inspire the heart of the child who will. " - Australian Author K.S.D'arcy Our future sustainability, conservation and humanitarian efforts will eventually fall into the hands of our children, our next generation. Rather than inform and educate our young ones on climate change, sustainability, wildlife conservation and humanitarian efforts, we must also inspire them to feel a deep love and genuine empathy for our earth, animals, and humanity. Change begins and continues when we can connect to something, an idea, a cause, a belief greater than ourselves. 'A Bad Gorilla Day' achieves this by gently reminding children through its carefully crafted message and illustrations that just as they experience a bad day, pain, injustice, so does all of humanity, wildlife and our beautiful earth. It sparks their natural tendency to show empathy whilst also validating and reassuring them that their feelings are well justified. They're not alone, and things will always get better. Yes, It may seem like an insignificant step towards a better future, but like any design built upon a solid foundation, the outlook for longevity is a given.