545 Queen Street Redevelopment (Foyer & End-of-Trip Facility)

  • 2020

  • Architectural
    Interior Design

Commissioned By:

Axis Capital

Designed In:


This transformation of an existing Brisbane city office tower creates fascinating spatial complexity and adds layers of visual and tactile delight to all of the building’s public spaces.

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Image: Photography: Toby Scott
Image: Photography: Toby Scott
Image: Photography: Toby Scott
Image: Photography: Toby Scott
Image: Photography: Toby Scott
Image: Photography: Toby Scott
Image: Photography: Toby Scott
Image: Photography: Toby Scott
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  • With the existing building languishing at a very low occupancy rate of 30%, the brief was to make transformational change to what was a very bland and lifeless office tower on the edge of the CBD in order to attract a range of new tenants. The badly inadequate cafe adjacent the lobby and the bare-bones end-of-trip facility in the basement were also to be completely removed and replaced with world-class offerings. All of this was to be completed for a modest budget that would allow a profitable sale of the asset upon completion of the successful leasing campaign.

  • The new foyer transforms what was formerly an austere and empty space into a lush, densely detailed environment full of intimate settings for gathering or enjoying some quiet solitude in a semi-public space that is neither the office or the street. From the street, the foyer’s abundant planting offers an inviting visual respite from the major road frontage. Inside, the voluptuously sculpted and luminous white ceilings create a fascinating spatial complexity and open out towards the street. The cafe and EOT feature a luxurious level of finish and bespoke detailing with handcrafted exposed services to deep green painted concrete ceilings.

  • This redevelopment has had a huge impact commercially for the building owner, with the building occupancy increasing from 30% previously to 95% post-completion. This incredible improvement is driven primarily by the attractiveness and amenity of the new spaces that have been created within the building, with no external upgrades required. The environmental and social benefits are closely aligned, with the focus on integration of real living planting in addition to a highly tactile and engaging design language throughout improving the physical and psychological wellbeing of occupants. As a timeless and durable design outcome, future refurbishment is not required.

  • New golden lift interiors make the regular trips in lifts enjoyable and uplifting (!!) rather than uncomfortable for building users. Bespoke clear glass ball and raw filament lift indicator lights add another layer of unique and engaging detail.