33 Cramer Street

  • 2017

  • Architectural
    Architectual Design

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Cramer Street is a collection of ten architecturally designed townhouses which represents Tailor’s mission to accelerate the transition towards an intuitive (smart) home – A home for today and tomorrow.

The homes in Cramer Street are designed with smart home technology, sustainability principles and functional interior spaces.

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  • Driven by a sense of sophisticated simplicity, each Cramer Street townhouses has been architecturally designed to the highest levels of quality, comfort and detail. The exterior and interior spaces of each home form part of a cohesive plan, aided by a thoughtful layout and consistently crisp minimalist colour palette.

  • Grounded in the basics of good domestic design, these highly adaptable homes feature plentiful light, consistent ventilation an ergonomic floor plan, with a natural flow of space between living, dining, utility and bedroom areas. The extraordinary level of detail and specification considered throughout means that these effortlessly functional homes are purpose built for daily downtime and uncomplicated enjoyment.

  • With the confidence to create an entirely unprecedented offer in Preston, Cramer Street provides the platform for us to fully integrate our smart home technology and automation in smaller multi-unit residences. The package includes automated blind and lighting controls, automated HVAC systems, multi room audio and entertainment, security systems and additional data and cable wiring. All the technology is control and manage through a 7inch Creston touch screen and an app with options for residents to set scenes depending on their mood.

  • Cramer Street is built with safety in mind. The materials are carefully considered to increase the lifespan of the building, minimise any potential fire risk while additional membrane layers were applied in balconies and the roofs to eliminate water leakage internally. Optional 360 HD cameras and strategically placed proximity sensors were also included in several residences to provide assurance to residents that their homes are constantly being look after even though there are away from their homes.

    Cramer Street was priced competitively in the market at current prices when it was sold instead of forecasted future growth price, which is unique in the competitive 'off-the-plan' property industry in Australia. The design is major component of the value of Tailor homes as the residents purchase an intuitive (smart) home at current market prices for standard 'cookie-cutter' homes in the area.

    Each Cramer Street townhouses are design with sustainability in mind. Passive heating and cooling, cross flow ventilation, orientation, shading and insulation is critical to provide unparalleled comfort levels to our residents. The building materials and internal living spaces of each home are optimized to reduce the carbon footprint, energy consumption and environmental impact from construction.