Innovation Manager
QMI Solutions

Rob is a multi-award winning Industrial Designer and a champion of the Australian design industry. His three decades of work range from branding to product design in fields such as medical products, commercial and industrial instruments, transport, consumer and architectural products and children’s products and toys.

An Accredited Designer and Fellow of the Design Institute of Australia, he was Smart State Designer of the Year in 2008.

Rob was the Managing Director of PROdesign, a multidisciplinary design consultancy that won numerous accolades and awards including being a Top Nominee in the Danish INDEX:07 international design awards, several Australian Good Design Awards, Powerhouse Museum Selections, a Memento Award, Queensland Design Excellence Awards, People’s Choice Awards and numerous Design Institute Gold and Silver Awards.

Robert has been a Director, National Vice President and Queensland President of the Design Institute of Australia – Australia’s peak professional body for design.