Luciano Papi

Managing Director (Retired)
Lu Papi and Associates

Luciano Papi was born and studied engineering in Italy. In Australia he added a postgraduate diploma in Technology Management from the Macquarie University Graduate School of Management to his engineering qualifications.

Lu has held senior and executive management positions since he arrived in Australia in 1977.

In 1994 he formed Lu Papi and Associates, a flexible, widely networked company specialising in new product development and technology transfer. His principal interest is in innovation using emerging technologies.

Some of Lu’s major achievements include an Australian Good Design Award in 2000 for the process development and project management of a new line of stadium seating and Gold Medal at the International Exposition of Inventions in Geneva in 2000 for process development and project management to develop a pre-filled single-use positive pressure syringe.

Lu has also received four Engineering Excellence Awards for his work from Engineers Australia.