Benjamin Wilson

Industrial Designer and Global Technology & Design Communications Lead

Working for the celebrated and historically significant Braun Design over the past 20 years, Ben Wilson´s product design and design management skills have evolved to a world-class level. Functioning similarly to a design agency, Braun Design has given Ben a unique opportunity to carry out product design for diverse categories within Braun as well as many outstanding brands within Proctor & Gamble.

Over the years he has continually been renowned for asking the right questions that lead to finding new answers, which lead to innovation and great design. Ben’s passion for classical industrial design, materials and process innovation and fast-paced ideation/problem-solving skills are matched by his proven ability to guide and manage design for large multi-functional project teams in all stages of product development: from downstream ideation to production.

Ben not only focuses on delivering manufacturable initiatives but he also has extensive experience in downstream innovation and design strategy.