ZC 100/300 Series ID Card Printer

  • 2019

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Commissioned By:

Zebra Technologies, Inc

Designed In:

United States of America

The ZC100 and ZC300 are specialised card printers designed to securely print a wide range of identification, payment and membership cards used in retail, finance, hospitality and educational markets. The design addresses key end-user needs with user interface simplicity, self-aligning media and intuitiveness of card loading and removal.

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  • Predecessor to ZC100/300 Card Printer which had best in class technical performance, print quality, reliability and throughput addressing historical Enterprise purchasing criteria. Today, in addition to superb performance, customers seek solutions that addresses ease of use and intuitive set- up. The challenge of this program was to identify design opportunities across all possible touch points, create user focused simplicity, ergonomics, ease-of-use and increased relevance to the modern business environment. Based on design research and studies from existing products, there were 21 potential areas for improvements leading to a user experience driven development challenging formerly established technical assumptions and best practices.

  • The ZC100/300 is designed to be slimmest in the industry, take up less desktop space and to present the user with only the essential interaction points. Initially, its streamlined stance stands out among other printers while resellers demo options to customers. The new design delights by its simplicity, intuitiveness of handling medias and design refinements that is hard to go unnoticed inside and out. Every touch point are completely redesigned in its set-up, configuration, designing cards, printing and handling the medias.

  • Design helped re- energize an entire business unit and sales channels in a new way. Through solving customer “worry points”, there is now a wealth of exciting value propositions and innovations to engage the market competitively, with greater business confidence. After experiencing the final design, the BU leader immediately stated: “ok, now I’m not worried about the competition; we have a great design and we will have great business success!” Sales partners responded with increased energy and excitement.

  • A. Form Factor: • Input hopper door opening height is minimized reducing shelf interference • Output hopper door opening clearance is minimized • Top door cover and the overall media access experience is uncluttered and less intimidating B. Ease-of-use/Ergonomics • Easy card insertion for 100 cards or single manual card feed • Hopper saloon doors allow removal flexibility • Media top door interaction is single handed with single motion • Ribbon carrier design with off-centered grip balances the cartridge and keeps hands away from the sensitive print head. • Ribbon insertion and removal intuition is error proof • Ribbon cartridge self-guides into position, effortlessly