YSP-1600BSW Sound Bar

  • 2016

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Yamaha Corporation Japan

Designed In:


A low-profile Sound Bar with Subwoofer featuring Yamaha’s exclusive YSP technology for immersive surround sound. The YSP-1600BSW features Yamaha’s revolutionary multi-room system – MusicCast – which enables sharing of music sources anywhere in the home with other MusicCast products. Supports the very latest HDMI protocol with 4K Ultra HD.

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  • MusicCast is a revolution in whole-of-home audio. The Sound Bar works independently or in conjunction with other MusicCast models - all controlled by a simple, intuitive app. Play back songs from your smart devices via Bluetooth or AirPlay, or stream music from popular services such as Pandora or Spotify. What's more, the Sound Bar can play back any audio source connected to another MusicCast device on the same network. For example, a turntable connected to a MusicCast amplifier can be streamed to the Sound Bar, giving you limitless possibilities.

  • Yamaha's exclusive Sound Projector technology (YSP) achieves real - not virtual - surround sound in any size or shape room. Eight high-quality array speakers create focussed beams of sound that are coordinated precisely to reflect sound off walls before returning to the listening position. The result is immersive surround sound without having speakers around the room. This sophisticated technology adapts to any space through use of an auto-calibration process whereby a microphone is used in initial setup - providing professional-quality sound for music and movies.