Whispair Undermount Rangehoods

  • 2018

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

Designed By:

  • Dane Hocking and Chris Hocking

Commissioned By:

Haus Group Australia

Designed In:


The Whispair Prague and Monte Carlo range of built-in hoods was designed for superior extraction performance whilst meeting the market specification and economic requirements. Combining a minimalist design aesthetic with revolutionary technology, the Whispair Prague and Monte Carlo delivers a powerful extraction performance whilst reducing the noise in the kitchen environment.

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  • A rangehood is designed to extract heat, steam, grease and odour (by-products) from the kitchen environment. The design challenge of a premium domestic extraction hood is establishing the balance between high extraction rates whilst minimising noise. Consumers want the flexibility of high extraction rates whilst minimising the noise output. The Whispair undermount range was commissioned with the expectation of meeting the demands of medium to high density dwellings which demand a compact, clean and minimalist aesthetic.

  • **Powerful On Board Fan** – Whispair incorporates a powerful on board fan which is capable of dealing with large system pressures (air flow resistance) that are bought about by filters and long duct runs. **Quiet Operation** – Whispair hoods incorporate *S-Flow* baffle filters and a superior fan motor which is designed in such a way to mitigate noise generated by air moving through the impeller. **Superior Filtration** – Whispair’s *S-Flow* baffle filters are used to remove by-products from the air stream such as steam and grease whilst maximising the air flow passing through the filtration zone.

  • Since the products release in late-2017, the Whispair Prague and Monte Carlo ranges have been specified in several large scale projects including The Sandy Hill Reserve (120 units) and ultra-lux CV Tower (260 units) in Camberwell. Architects and kitchen designs have identified the advantage of the design that meets their clients high end brief whilst offering significant economic upside to the project Developer or home owner.

  • **Minimalist Design** – Whispair hoods are designed with the Australian consumer in mind. The Whispair “Prague” & “Monte Carlo” ranges of built-in (undermount) hoods follows the latest market trends where a visible cooker hood isn’t desirable – rather the undermount is integrated into the overhead kitchen cabinets. Whispair hoods are designed and assembled in Carrum Downs, Victoria. **Easy Cleaning** – Whispair hoods uses only the best stainless steel – AISI304. This quality stainless steel is not only long lasting but easy to clean with a damp cloth. The filters can be removed from the hoods chassis and placed in the dishwasher restoring the filters to ‘new’ condition. Conventional mesh filters when placed in abrasive environment such as a dishwasher will deteriorate with time. **Market Leading Electronic System** – Whispair utilises a unique “clip in – clip out” electronic system that enables fast servicing if the brains of the hood ever fail. The electronics also incorporate wireless functionality that enable to user to operate the hoods with a remote controller.