Westinghouse FlexSpace™ Refrigeration Range

  • 2016

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    Domestic Appliances

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Our daily rituals and routines make each family unique.

With that in mind, we designed our FlexSpace refrigerator range to have a best-in-class customisable user experience.

At the same time, we now know that food wastage is a major environmental issue, and at Westinghouse, we’re doing something about it.

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  • Our Westinghouse range comes in a number of styles: French door, bottom mount, single door, top mount, and more—all designed to discreetly fit in with a wide range of modern kitchen styles. The extruded aluminium handles exude quality while the stainless-steel finish is designed to resist fingerprints and stay clean. Each model is uniquely designed for seamless integration into existing kitchen decor, because when it comes to fridges, one size and style doesn't fit all. However, it's what's on the inside of our fridges that really counts. Our internal FlexSpace system allows for personal customisation in order to reduce food wastage in a big way.

  • Did you know that 40% of the average garbage bin is food? We throw out $5 billion worth of food per year. At Westinghouse, we set out to fix this problem. We started with the insight that food wastage occurs when items are out of sight and out of mind. That's why our Westinghouse FlexSpace™ refrigerators use adjustable storage solutions to maximise capacity, visibility, flexibility, and access. Our FlexStor™ system features an ingenious universal attachment method that allows users to simply slide internal door shelves to accommodate odd-sized items and tall bottles. Reconfiguration is simple and immediate, so nothing is shoved to the back and left until it's too late.

  • 5.4 million Australians get food poisoning each year. Our Westinghouse range is designed to help our users avoid spoilage by easily accommodating even the biggest grocery shop binge. The unique accessory system ensures that there's a place for everything from supersized celery to tiny yogurt pouches. Our users instantly know what they've got and what needs to be eaten, because the system ensures high-visibility and easy access. Of course, our users can be any age from two to ninety-two, so we go beyond standard safety measures by offering features like a locked internal compartment—so no one gets into the wrong medication.

  • According to a United Nations report, global food wastage is the world's third biggest carbon emitter after the US and China. Our Westinghouse range does everything an appliance can do to keep food fresh, visible and accessible. In third party tests, our innovative sealed crisper lost one third of the moisture lost by our competitors. For our consumers, that means their fruit and veg stays fresher for days, sometimes weeks, longer which substantially reduces waste and cost. Compared to older models, our new FlexSpace range reduces energy use by up to 20% (that's an energy efficiency rating improvement of 1.5 stars).

    We produced our FlexSpace fridge range in our state-of-the-art factory which features some of the world's most advanced manufacturing technology. By using the latest tools in polyurethane double point injection, our factory provides the best insulation properties in a short cycle time. New thermoforming technology assists in significantly increasing both productivity and quality. From a visual design perspective, the FlexSpace doors are tall and wide to hide the cabinet, feet, and hinges creating a sleek and modern impression that attracts and engages consumers. The bar handle, graphics, colours, materials, and finishes complement other product categories for seamless integration in the kitchen.

    In January 2016, Westinghouse became the #1 bestselling bottom freezer model on the market. What more can you ask for in terms of design ROI? On top of that, a modular internal architecture allows after-market sales of accessories that are tailored for specific consumer needs. These accessories include: a can drink dispenser, small items storage, fully fold-away shelving, pull out shelving, and a width adjustable bottle stop that allows customers to stack multiple bottles on the crisper shelf. These innovations deliver genuine value for consumers by eliminating the minor frustrations we've all come to accept as unavoidable.

    How do you eliminate waste when every family has unique behaviors, systems and practices? With that question in mind, we designed our refrigerator range to have a best-in-class customisable user experience. Our FreshFlex crisper drawers not only slide fluidly on our innovative runners, but they feature a unique seal that maintains optimal humidity and keeps food fresher for longer. The modular compartments on the door interior feature a universal attachment method, so units can slide easily from left to right to accommodate new and bulky items. It's simply better. Better for our customers. Better for Australia. Better for the environment. When was the last time you saw a fridge that worked so hard?