Westfalia Precision Mini Plunge Saw

  • 2016

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Commissioned By:

Westfalia GmbH

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The Westfalia Precision Mini Plunge Saw is one of the smallest in its category. Key to this new design was a strong focus on improvements to precision control, safety and ergonomics.

Standout features include electronic speed control with capacitive touch, quick release guard, new depth stop, and quick attach cutting guides.

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  • Cutting through different materials requires the use of different blades, rotating at certain speeds depending on the substrate being cut and the blade being used. Blade speed has traditionally been set with a rotation dial or trigger depression. Both of these methods leave room for error in setting the optimal blade speed for the type of blade and the material. With the Westfalia Saw, speed control is precise and easily set. Two capacitive buttons atop the control panel require only the lightest touch to increase or decrease blade speed, and the speed setting is shown on the LCD display, providing easy identification and adjustment of the setting.

  • Cutting blades must be changed as required to suit different cutting materials and replaced as they wear. With the Westfalia Saw, blade access is quick and safe. The guard can be removed with the push of a button, allowing the cutting guard to pivot open and expose the cutting blade ready for replacement, inspection or cleaning. Additionally, when the guard is in the open position, built in electronics disable power to the on/off trigger, ensuring the tool cannot be started by accident. Furthermore, the guard simply pivots back into the closed position when you're finished, automatically locking into place, guaranteeing the guard is fitted correctly and ready to go for your next cut.

  • Setting the depth of cut accurately can often require an additional measuring tool to check the depth of protrusion of the blade. This can be dangerous as it can require users to manually depress the guard to get access to the blade. With the Westfalia Saw, depth adjustment is accurate, easy and safe. Through the operation of a single front mounted lever, the depth gauge can be moved and accurately and repeatedly set reliably according the numeric scale, without the need to move the guard itself or access the blade.

  • A key requirement of improvement over the old version saw was to design the tool so that it can be used single-handed, left or right handed. The new Westfalia saw provides a central, forward mounted control panel and guard release button, all accessible with the users thumb. The placement of capacitive buttons allow easy adjustment of the settings. The control panel has been angled backwards slightly towards the user for optimal viewing in all cutting orientations. And the overload warning light has been moved into the control panel to give easily visible feedback to the user when the motor is overloaded.

    The two cutting guides have been designed to attach to the tool quickly without the need to remove the guard. Unlike other products there is no need to remove the main guard to fit a dedicated parallel cutting guard. The parallel cutting guide mounts into the front of the guard and is easily secured by the screw knob at the front of the guard. No removal of the guard is required. Alternatively, if using the pipe cutting guide, this can be fitting straight over the standard guard and secured in place by the use of the screw knob at the front of the guard.