• 2017

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    Apps and Software

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  • Appster Pty Ltd

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BAI Games Pty Ltd

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WenHu is a new way to learn Mandarin.

WenHu uses the world’s first word-reveal method, with Mandarin words broken down into their much simpler components and radicals.

As you play, improving your in-game fluency and collecting achievements, you improve your Chinese character and Mandarin word recognition.

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  • To provide a holistic gaming experience to their users, WenHu has a timer running for every word. Correct answers can earn you more time while a wrong answer can make you lose it!

  • WenHu players can engage with 3 different game modes: Word Challenge, Time Trial and Practice Mode to enhance their learning experience.

  • WenHu word packs are arranged by: - Components and radicals of the word; - Packs based on Topics; or - Sets of Common Usage words.

  • Fluency rating and achievements are earned and displayed as statistics for every word pack as well as user's overall success.