Wafer Elite

  • 2018

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    Hardware and Building

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Transco Wafer/Elite, the world's lowest profile power outlets and switches. Sleek pearl white or black satin with a patented bracketing system which achieves an environmentally friendly result, and easy installation in new or existing structures. The only surface mount switch and outlet range with an edge profile below two millimeters.

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  • Design Brief Build a complete power outlet and switch range that requires no special bracketry or difficult cutout, while maintaining an edge profile of less than 2 millimeters. Build the range to such a high standard that you can offer a lifetime warranty while preserving a market dominating price structure. Design Challenge Solve the design flaw that all other slimline ranges have (the need to create pillars at the mounting point,) by building the first and only ultra thin grid with a flat mounting surface that maintains structural integrity under load.

  • Outcome Transco designed & patented an astonishingly simple solution to a problem that has plagued the design of all other low profile switch & outlet ranges, load dispersion across the standard fixing holes, Transco's solution was to embed two load dispersion plates, (giving the Wafer/Elite range what no other low profile range has done before,) and a flat rear mounting area, while allowing the plastic the grid and plates to have an edge profile of less than 2 millimeters. This allows the installer to use standard mounting plates, reducing waste, cost and time, while being good for the environment and productivity.

  • The patented load dispersion plates meant Transco could build an ultra low profile product, making it installer friendly, cost effective, and aesthetically pleasing. The range satisfies interior designers and architects desire for switches and power outlets to be so low profile as to blend in seamlessly with the surface they inhabit. Transco then added the push button Elite switch mechanism to the product. The Elite switches give the user a profile as low the plate itself and the LED on when off indicator gives the user the ability to locate the light switch in the dark.

  • Transco Wafer/Elite is the complete range, the power outlet alone has twenty eight variations from horizontal to vertical, single and double pole switching, with a USB charging point built in. The range is available in satin black and pearl white. Transco has two hundred and eighty eight products in the Wafer/Elite range; a design solution is at hand for just about every scenario. One of the truly great features of the design is that it allows the user to retro-fit without altering the previous product's mounting. For building refurbishment and modernization this a very powerful, user friendly attraction, only possible with Transco Wafer. The Transco Wafer/Elite is available in double pole switching making it ideal for use in mobile homes, caravans, and portable buildings. In these applications the wall cavity is often very shallow, due to flat back mounting Transco has designed three seamless mounting extensions to cater for backspace or cavity variations. The smooth arc of the range and ultra low profile give the product its aesthetic appeal, while the extensive range and flat back mounting give the product its functional appeal.