VINCI Smart Hearable

  • 2016

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Commissioned By:

Inspero Inc.

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VINCI has made on-the-go music listening simpler with an all-in-one wireless music player companion that understands what kinds of music the user enjoys.

VINCI includes intelligent algorithms, a smart voice assistant, heart-rate sensors, GPS, an intuitive control system, and sensors to recommend songs based on current status, mood, location, and tastes.

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  • Not only is VINCI the first, completely independent wearable music device, but it is also the only music player device that has human abilities and characteristics. VINCI has a mind of its own and is capable of growing smarter each time the user uses the device. In doing so, it allows the user to do less while the device does more. Similar designs in this category (other "smart" headphones) include like functions such as heartbeat monitors and activity trackers to improve the "music and fitness" experience, but none combine hardware and software and consider both the physical and emotional aspect of the human being to achieve a truly relevant and advanced song recommendation system.

  • VINCI utilizes best-in-class audio circuits and professional codec-chips to deliver crispy and clear sounds with extremely high fidelity. A true hi-fi experience involves two critical factors: the audio processing unit that turns digital signals into analog signals and the acoustic parts that transform analog signals into sound waves. We integrated the best-in-class low power codec chip, ES9018K2M, and OPA1612 from Texas Instruments to reduce noise and sound distortion. The digital signals processing unit from Dirac HD Sound also balances the system's frequency response. On the acoustic side, we have used 40mm beryllium-coated diaphragms to increase the sound permeability and dynamic response of the speakers.

  • VINCI has undergone 12 months of prototyping and 4 major iterations based on numerous users' feedback to ensure that the headset is comfortable and safe to use. The headphone's size and dimensions were determined based on a large human head sizes database provided by Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The headband's curvature and ear cuff's thickness were decided after thorough testing on over 500 diverse users to ensure that the headphones are fitting for both Westerners and Asians. The band and ear cuffs fit tightly and securely around the head, while providing a comfortable and non-restraining feel. The ear cuffs also wrap suitably around the ears and are made with soft, protein-based faux leather.

  • VINCI's voice and touch panel control systems are natural and intuitive. In collaboration with leading voice recognition companies and natural language processing techniques such as Nuance Technology, we developed advanced software to ensure that the user has a smooth experience when voicing his or her request to VINCI. For example, a user can say an artist's name, an album's name, or a mood or feeling, and VINCI will play songs tailored to the user's usual preferences in specific situations. By tapping or sliding ones' fingers on the panel, one can easily manage tracks, adjust volume levels, or save tracks to his or her "favorites". In this way, VINCI abandons complex interfaces and manual controls.

    VINCI is made from well-tested and well-qualified materials to ensure that we keep our consumers and environments safe. Our materials are sourced from high-quality suppliers and our main assembly station, which is well experienced in audio hardware and works with top companies such as Apple, is located in Shen Zhen. All products contain zero halogen, passed RoHS compliance requirements, and received three important certificates: CCC (China Compulsory Certificate), FCC Declaration of Conformity (Federal Communications Commission Declaration of Conformity), and CE (European Conformity). Our materials are also animal-friendly, as we use protein-based faux leather instead of real leather for the ear cuffs.

    The headset currently retails at $299. Our market analysis shows that traditional branded headphones are typically priced between $199 and $499. After comparing the design, services, and capabilities that VINCI supports to other headphones in the market, we believe that we can offer an affordable price at great value. Over-the-ear headphones, such as Beats by Dre (which retails between $300 and $500) and Bose (which retails between $180 and $400), only provide the hardware product and already cost the same or more than VINCI headsets. With 32G of local storage, Hi-Fi audio circuits, body sensors, and AI software, VINCI provides much more value functionality-wise at a price point of $299.

    The LCD screen promotes self-expression and a more social music-listening experience. For example, others can see which songs the user is listening to and ignite a conversation. In addition, a user can choose a specific visualization theme or write any message to be displayed on the outer screen, and the art or message will flash when the headset is worn. This allows users to express themselves on the streets through dynamic visual art. Messages can range from DJ names to current mood to important news. VINCI also supports a real-time music-sharing feature up to sixteen people, which allows friends to listen to tracks together. These features bring about a completely different way to listen to music on-the-go.