Vertical Foot Alignment System (VFAS)

  • 2019

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VFAS is a new end-to-end orthotic treatment technology that gives biomechanically-trained practitioners a significant competitive edge, by making the process faster, more efficient and more profitable, with a superior outcome for patients.The device offers a revolutionary way of fitting custom orthotics to patients using corrective weight bearing alignment.

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  • The challenge was to design a machine that can manipulate the patient’s feet in all anatomical degrees of freedom whilst the patient is standing up and the feet are weight bearing, which allows the patient's stance to be corrected. Once the correct foot alignment has been reached a custom orthotic insert is created on the spot using a special heat formed substrate, eliminating the need to wait for a laboratory milled custom orthotic. The product is intended for use by bio-mechanically trained clinicians and needed to be portable, lightweight, ergonomically friendly as well as stylish and desirable.

  • The chosen design provides an integrated mobile treatment solution. The treatment plinth and step double as the travel carry box and the handrail assembly doubles as the travel trolley. This unique "2 in 1" design makes efficient use of all parts and helps reduce the weight and cost of the device. The treatment deck, containing the patented Rearfoot, Forefoot and Arch Alignment Curves is mountable at 2 different heights for patient and clinician convenience.

  • VFAS gives the practitioner 100% control over both treatment and the manufacture of the orthotic, all done in the one 15 minute consultation. In comparison, the traditional method of plaster cast and also 3D scanning custom orthotic processes require two separate practitioner visits and up to 14 days turn around for laboratory corrected and milled custom orthotics. VFAS provides a significant advantage. VFAS orthotics are especially fitted for the person’s shoe size, foot shape, and bio-mechanical issues whilst standing,creating a more comfortable solution with instant feedback and better pain relief.

  • • Recent independent research (Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine, Philadelphia, USA, 2017) confirmed VFAS orthotics are more comfortable, accurate and repeatable than most common casting methods used by practitioners globally today (plaster & scanning) • Patented rearfoot, forefoot and midfoot curves biomechanically align the feet to the correct position using a combination of rotation and translation • The device has a lightweight aluminum construction, portable and suitable for one person operation • Handrail and treatment deck heights are adjustable. • The device is ergonomically correct for both patient and practitioner • The device includes a branded accessory bag to efficiently carry the different tools and required components • The surgical application, in which a model is created from the VFAS holds the foot in alignment, removing the guesswork from the procedure. This saves time in the Operating Room, with better outcomes for the patient and less chance of complications from poor alignment of the bones, post surgery. • With the rise of Diabetes globally, the issue of diabetic foot ulcers, which can lead to amputation, is a growing social problem. The VFAS protocol has been selected for a university study to confirm its role in offloading pressure and improving circulation to aid in healing and preventing ulcers.