Ver – Post-Op Recovery for Transgender Individuals

  • 2023

  • Next Gen

Designed By:

  • Lily Geyle

Commissioned By:

Lily Geyle

Designed In:


Ver is a multi-sized dilator aiming to facilitate the medical purpose of a dilator during post-op recovery for people who have undertaken MtF gender affirmation surgery (GAS).

Image: Hand photo by Gabriela Fechet on Unsplash
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  • 100% of people who go through MtF GAS must use a dilator during recovery. This involves using different sized dilators at different stages, all unique to each individual. However, current products on the market come in bulky, uninviting, uncomfortable sets, many of which jump significantly in size making it difficult for individuals to progress in their recovery. The challenge is to create a product which allows users to feel comfortable, calm and safe while having piece of mind knowing the product is fulfilling its medical purpose, to maintain the structure of their new vagina.

  • Ver is a multi sized dilator with the ability to gradually expand for dilation, covering a range of sizes in order to grow with the user as they move through their recovery. The issue of lubrication and suction arose after multiple interviews with surgeons and transgender individuals. This was a landmark moment as the product then not only focused on the act of dilation but the entire process. Ver was programmed to be able to deflate after use so that, once deflated, it can be pulled out of the vagina with ease.

  • From research and observation, many people who have undergone the surgery and are in later stages of recovery enquire at local sex toy shops to find something far more comfortable, modern and aesthetically pleasing than the ugly sets that are available to date. This product starts conversations. It is a product which will ensure transgender people have the support they need after enduring such an emotional, financial and physical whirl wind to get to this point, to finally present the way they always felt and knew they were.

  • Ver will enable individuals to purchase a single product to use throughout all stages of recovery. It uses a pump system to expand and deflate with internal structure to ensure even expansion. Its specific structure is vital to enable the vagina and pelvic floor muscles to strengthen appropriately over time while the soft medical grade silicone will provide a level of cushioning and comfort which will allow people to dilate safely knowing Ver is fulfilling its medical purpose. The pastel colours chosen for the design were selected to promote calm without create a medical looking aesthetic. The final handle on the side also aids in pulling out the dilator after use. As a soft silicone handle it enables extra leverage but it also caters for those who struggle with motor functions such as grip.