Vaulta: Recyclable High-Performance Batteries for any Project

  • 2023

  • Engineering

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Vaulta’s Australian made stationary storage lithium battery packs utilize Vaulta’s patented casing technology, meaning they’re designed for cell level repair, re-use and recycling. It’s designed for residential, light commercial and telco site installations for off-grid and grid connected energy storage.

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  • Only around 5% of lithium batteries are recycled. It is a damning statistic that must be reversed before the world makes the eventual transition to renewables or is risks a major battery waste issue. The way batteries are cased from a cell to a module or pack plays a large role in creating this problem. Vaulta was formed to solve this problem through novel battery casing and proprietary materials, to make batteries 100% recyclable down to the cell level.

  • Vaulta has developed a novel, weld-free, design for disassembly battery casing system, along with proprietary polymers that remove heat without adding weight, size or electrical properties, meaning the design stays simplistic and easy to use and replicate across all cell formats and technologies. The design allows for single cell replacement without excessive tools, meaning repairs can take place in the field, which is a game changer for remote locations. After winning the Good Design award special accolade for sustainability in 2022, Vaulta has developed ready to sell battery energy storage products designed and manufactured in Australia

  • Vaulta has developed battery packs that can be installed almost anywhere in known and pre-existing IT racking, with confidence that every cell, cable and circuit board inside can be repaired or replaced in the field. This means minimal down time, and 100% reduction in battery waste. Vaulta's batteries pass all known safety tests required for grid connection, and will soon carry all of the associated certifications required to do so. Vaulta is a growing company with sales in 3 continents and staff growing up to 7 members in 2023.

  • All of Vaulta's batteries are designed and made in Australia. Vaulta uses Australian suppliers wherever possible, and has introduced 4 new suppliers to the renewables industry, creating jobs in the process. Vaulta is winning projects away from tier 1 companies on the basis that it allows for cell level repair. This means that by sending battery packs to even remote locations, Vaulta can send critical spares for any repairs to be done locally, by local technicians, rather than sending Vaulta staff all of the world for repairs. Vaulta's business model is not just assisting with Australia's transition to renewables by providing uniquely Australian made IP and product, but is enhancing the skills of those in the industry both locally and overseas. In 2023, Vaulta has also undertaken development projects for LG, defence contractors, and film and tv professionals to introduce renewables that better allow for repair, re-use and recycling in electric mobility, household goods and commercial energy storage.