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Up until now, unpleasant odours in a silk dress or folds and creases in a suit would have been something that would need to be taken care of by dry cleaners.

V-ZUG’s REFRESH-BUTLER provides a solution. High quality fabrics can now enjoy refresh, anti-crease, sanitise and drying treatment at home using photocatalysis.

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  • V-ZUG's REFRESH-BUTLER combines four functions in one appliance. The refresh function featuring world exclusive photocatalysis employs steam to neutralise cooking odours and cigarette smoke to leave a far more pleasant smell. Steam is used to reduce folds and creases in suits, dresses, blouses and shirts. Sanitise almost completely removes germs and drying takes care of gentle garments. The effectiveness of these programs have been analysed and approved by prestigious test institutes in Germany and Switzerland. The REFRESH-BUTLER fabric care system is also equipped with heat-pump technology, allowing it to obtain low energy consumption levels.

  • The REFRESH-BUTLER can be set up as a free standing unit or as a built in version in a wardrobe featuring a customer selected finish.