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  • 2020

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UNO Home Loans

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loanScore, by UNO Home Loans, is an innovation in home loans that enables any person with a home loan to answer a fundamental question ‘is my current home loan any good or not’. With under 2 minutes of customer data input we then run a set of complex algorithms over your finances, current loan and lender preferences to return a net savings factoring in switching, fees, lender rebates as well as interest rate differences and our proprietary score out of 100

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  • We observed an entire industry constantly shouting at customers to tell them to refinance but research indicated most don't even know their interest rate let alone whether they are on a good deal or not. We needed to find a way to engage customers around their single biggest household expense that was simple and provided upfront and ongoing value with minimal effort. In parallel not all interest rates are available to all people or situations so we needed to ensure we only compared your loan to relevant products/lenders to answer the question "is your loan any good or not?"

  • We ask the customer 10 questions, most with only a single choice or number to understand their current loan and preferences. This user interface can be operated with one hand on a mobile, people complete it under 90 seconds. This data is then run through a financial model and a proprietary algorithm to return two outputs. A score out of 100, the higher your score the better your loan, and a net savings after 3 years which accounts for switching costs, ongoing fees, interest savings and even lender cashbacks. People get both every month and can set alerts for savings.

  • Uno partnered with AT Kearney to properly understand the cost of not staying on top of your home loan (which our solution allows you to do with virtually no effort) and found this to be conservatively over $4bn every year. When considered as a form of waste this makes it second only to food waste in the house. loanScore helps to make housing more affordable for everyday Australians and by tackling their largest expense helps reduce financial stress, save more for retirement, lead better lives and create stronger households and communities

  • loanScore assumes you have good credit but you can override these settings, which ensures people on bad credit don't get false hope. Two critical alerts can be set. When your net savings threshold is reached and when your lender makes changes. Both drive higher engagement and lead to more people switching to a better loan. We have included a renegotiate feature which shows you how much you can save with your current lender and lets you click a button to talk to one of our team who then help you negotiate with your current lender EVEN if you didn't get the loan via uno.