• 2015

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    Hardware and Building

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  • Mayer Jung
  • Ty Hermans

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The Evolve Group

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Tuffblocks allow for an average sized deck to be constructed from start to finish in under an hour. The most daunting part of deck construction, the foundation, is now the fastest and easiest due to no digging, steelwork or concreting required.
An individual TuffBlock weighs only 700grams yet can support over 5 tonne. The nesting, shipping and packaging of the TuffBlock allow any standard vehicle to carry more than enough TuffBlocks for most jobs. It has been designed to accept 2” x 4”, 2” x 6”, 2” x 8” joists and 4” x 4” posts for imperial markets as well as 35 to 47mm wide joists and 90mm or 100mm posts for metric based markets. Tuffblocks allow for decks to be built as low as 140mm.

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  • The TuffBlock has been an exploration in efficiency. Research and feasibility studies dictated a sub 1kg unit within a 60 second shot time that could support a working load of over 750kg. The Tuffblock comes in at 700grams, has a cycle time of 48 seconds and has a class leading maximum load capacity of over 5 tonne. An aluminium mud base tool with precision cooling enabled a cost effective tool with rapid shot time while FEA simulations throughout the development phase ensured the target weight was maintained without sacrificing strength.Tuffblocks have been designed to nest and stack securely with over 420 loose units able to be stacked on a standard in store display pallet compared to 80 concrete competitors.

  • Professional and DIY builders looking to build decks, patios, garden sheds, elevated platforms and any other type of project that requires a structural footing will benefit from using TuffBlocks. Due to their size, weight and stacking abilities Tuffblocks can be easily transported to site in one trip by a standard sized car. A standard sized deck used to require multiple site visits over several days to complete however Tuffblocks allow for construction to start immediately and save time in the process. Professional results are also able to be more easily achieved due to the speed and ease with which level lines and a strong foundation can be achieved.

  • TuffBlocks nest and stack over 5x as efficiently as their concrete counterparts and weigh up to 28 times less. Subsequent transportation costs are significantly lower and to further reduce the required energy to ship worldwide TuffBlock tools are now located at major distribution centres throughout the USA and Australasia. Multiple pallet stacking configurations for loose unit retail as well as 12 and 24 unit boxed options allow distribution centres to efficiently distribute stock where needed. The recycled PP material stock is easily recycled at all major recycling centres and TuffBlocks are now undergoing certification to reflect their low environmental impact for use within green star rated building projects

  • Until now all instant foundation systems comprised of a concrete based footing that was large, heavy and inefficient to transport for both the supplier and customer. Although an evolution from poured concrete slabs or footings they presented a new set of problems in their size and weight. TuffBlocks have been designed to ship as efficiently as possible with options for both loose pallet and boxed configurations. Traditional concrete based alternatives are 28 times heavier and have a maximum pallet capacity of 80 blocks. TuffBlocks in comparison have a loose unit pallet configuration of 420 units and a 24 unit boxed configuration of 288 units per pallet.

    Deck failures result in numerous deaths and injuries every year and often it is the result of catastrophic failure at the foundation level. TuffBlocks will not fail catastrophically. The ribbing support structure creates crumple zones that will systematically compress when a TuffBlock is exposed to excessive loading. Users are protected from injury due to being able to exit the structure before a large failure occurs. Tuffblocks also weigh up to 28 times less than their concrete counterparts thereby virtually eliminating chance of strain related injury when carrying or adjusting them.

    Existing concrete foundation blocks are made locally and vary according to where they are made. Problems with continuity of supply as well as high levels of stock damage from transport causes continual issues to the retailer. TuffBlocks are made through high-speed injection molding and shipped to distribution centres enabling continuity of supply and a consistent, high quality product no matter where they are sold. Tools are currently located in Arkansas, USA and QLD, Australia. More tools are currently being made to accommodate increasing levels of demand as well as to serve as back-ups in case of tool issues. New tools will be situated in high demand areas to reduce freight.

    The construction and DIY markets in the USA were the original primary targets for the TuffBlock however orders from New Zealand and the UK were received before tooling was complete. Orgill, Home Depot and Lowes are the main distributors in the USA with both boxed and loose unit pallet configurations proving popular. Unexpected demand from New Zealand, Australia and the UK forced a second production tool to be commissioned before the first was completed. Tools are now being run in Australia and the USA with plans underway for several more to be located throughout the USA to accommodate demand.