Tree Coach flexible tree staking system

  • 2020

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Commissioned By:

Tim and Robert Buruma

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Tree Coach™ is a ground-breaking, flexible staking innovation that replaces rigid wooden tree stakes. An all in one system made from recycled materials and built in watering reservoir. Tree Coach™ is manufactured from recycled kerbside waste and enhances calliper development, trunk taper, root development and water saving management.

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  • Tree Coach™ has revolutionised the way we stake trees and how we establish trees from the nursery to their new and permanent location to be strong council and public assets. Traditional timber staking uses natural resources and requires heavy lifting, mechanical equipment and repetitious ramming. Timber stakes can not be re-used as after six months they have begun rotting. GrowFlex™ Technology within the stake allows for flexibility such that the tree and stake can move in harmony under wind load, hence Tree Coach™ provides nurturing support whilst mimicking natures intended movement for the tree to develop naturally.

  • Tree Coach ™ was initially designed to improve newly planted tree development by enabling flexibility of movement and controlling water efficiencies. The design exceeded the initial brief by further enhancing OH&S activities, in that we have removed the repetitious activity of mechanical ramming with an 15kg rammer operated at height. A 92% reduction in material handling weight, compared with traditional methods. When planting 50 trees, that is 70kg of plastic handling, compared to 2.55 tonne for the timber staking processes. By avoiding ramming, we further avoid machine vibration to hands and reduce exposure to repetitive strain injuries, etc.

  • Tree Coach™ with GrowFlex Technology™ is already impacting the community, environment and having huge social impacts. People and nature are being united for strength through Tree Coach™. Trees are the most visual assets of community and need to be grown strong to ensure they meet their full potential for community. Constructed from kerbside waste and re-recyclable, this ensures the use of current waste while providing sustainability for the environment. Staff and user burden is lightened when using the product. Water is used efficiently in establishing new trees.

  • Tree Coach™ has visually improved the style of tree staking for what was a rather average utilitarian solution. Its design is visually pleasing, providing excellence of symmetry whilst intuitively complying with its function. Tree Coach™ is user friendly and dramatically revolutionises both tree development and occupation health and safety standards by reducing material handling weight, deleting repetition of ramming associated vibration. The Tree Coach™ also reduces the impacts of unintentional use due to the lightweight material vs wooden stakes. Tree Coach™ is made from kerbside waste an is 95% re-recyclable, thereby reducing waste disposal while the removeable water bowl ensures effective use of water management. Product quality for the intended use is excellent, providing relative price point and brand development with holistic thinking of recyclables and better and stronger transplant success. Our GrowFlex™ technology as a new design uses waste material cleverly and is the worlds first flexible tree stake with dynamic design function and features.