Towards the First Smart Hi-Tech Eco-City in Australia- Wollongong

  • 2016

  • Social Impact

Designed By:

  • HI-TECH Consulting

Commissioned By:

Sustainable Industries Development Institute

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Towards the First Smart Hi-Tech Eco-City in Australia- Wollongong by implementing the correct policy design to repackage the former “Garden of NSW” Wollongong by renewing our green infrastructure by planting 20% more local flora by 2020 and establishing Green/Riparian corridors in the city from the mountain to the sea.

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  • The extra natural vegetation provides shade, temperature regulation, water cycle benefits. Helping to mitigate the Urban Heat Island Effect in the city.

  • At West Dapto the green/riparian corridors will improve erosion control, soil quality and creek health and form a wind break. As well as protecting Lake Illawarra and providing an extra income source for land owners. Implemented by the present Direct Action Market mechanism of Carbon Farming and the Reverse Auction. Helping the city to establish the market for ecological services and transforming Wollongong economy from exploitation to sustainability by grass roots social Innovation. While establishing the emerging Industry of Ecological and Historical Restoration by a not for profit Institute

  • Complements the Illawarra Escarpment Management Plan by Wollongong City Council and the Illawarra Natural Resource Management Plan by Southern Rivers

  • See web site Title page YouTube video Cradle to Cradle To further transform the cities economy to an Eco-City the design features promoted by Cradle to Cradle will also be implemented locally.

    Reversing the cities carbon footprint from where it started 158 years ago, with a fully integrated transport and foreshore plan. Instead of exporting coal from the site. It will be utilized to transport higher yielding tourists by a tourist ferry and buses will transport them to various locations around Wollongong. The public infrastructure to upgrade Wollongong Harbour to reverse our carbon footprint will be funded by a Carbon Off Set Credits when the present Off Set Scheme evolves into a Baseline and Credit scheme from 1 July. Allocating the credit to polluters for reducing green house gases in the region at no expense to the tax payers..