TONAL Strength Training System

  • 2019

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United States of America

TONAL is a revolutionary and compact digital strength training system that utilises electromagnetic resistance to provide a smooth and precise workout experience. TONAL is truly one of a kind with features such as adaptive spotting and on-demand training, all wrapped in an elegant design only inches off the wall.

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  • We’re all familiar with bulky, complicated strength training machines at the gym. The entire workout experience can be intimidating for newcomers, and inefficient without proper training. Typical in-home training equipment cannot compete with the durability of a professional setup. TONAL approached us with a compact concept for weight training using electromagnetic resistance to replace heavy, clunky weights. This concept intended to provide a fully-adjustable weight-training experience, tailorable to unique exercise needs of individual users; but needed Whipsaw's guidance to determine how to embody the technology into a configurable device for the widest array of human sizes and workout positions.

  • To create TONAL, we: 1. Invented a brand-new form factor for this uniquely innovative technology and workout method that offers every major workout (from standing lateral pull downs to low squats) and live workout training on a display 2. Developed a sleek and minimal system to encourage wide adoption 3. Actualized an extremely robust and durable unit with the product's structural strain under consideration, while remaining an understated appearance when not in use 4. Conceived fine-tuned controls with consideration of a workout's physical and emotional involvement

  • TONAL is a thoroughly disruptive design: there is NOTHING similar on the market. All strength training systems use weights or pneumatics to provide resistance. TONAL incorporates an utterly futuristic, software-controlled electromagnetic resistance engine that obsoletes everything else. After using TONAL, you cannot go back. TONAL provides every type of workout, replacing an entire gym full of equipment. A pair of independently moving arms pivot out on vertical columns and move up or down to accommodate every workout. Sensors control the weight resistance and respond automatically. TONAL is a portal to a universe of strength training programs that encourage peak performance.

  • There are two primary workout types for the human body: cardio-vascular and strength. Conventional strength training equipment uses heavy weights or pneumatics for resistance, which have limited efficacy due to the innate static dead weight and overall heaviness of the machines. TONAL invented a unique software-controlled electric motor that provides the resistance instead of dead weight like every other strength training system, and that was the "eureka moment" that started it all. The TONAL experience is smooth, precise, and immediately effective. TONAL’s digitally controlled resistance motor adjusts the muscle concentric contractions (shortening muscle) force separately from the muscle eccentric contraction (lengthening muscle) force. Muscle eccentric force is where most gain is achieved, and no other weight machine can do that. Simply put you get buff faster.