The ‘OUTSIDER’ by Michael Blast

  • 2020

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Commissioned By:

Conrad Lovett

Cedric Sylvestre

Designed In:


Birthed in the dusty plains of Outback Australia, this tough machine certainly does not play by the rules. The ‘OUTSIDER’ carries a new decade of removable tank’s that offer quick and easy access to the battery, simple yet refined, freedom to ride has never felt so good.

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  • At Michael Blast we strive to design bikes that are sleek functional and extremely desirable to the end user. We wanted an electric bike that was 100% Road Legal for use in Australia but something that also resonated with young and old. The 'OUTSIDER' needed to have the swag factor that we at Michael Blast are accustomed too and renowned for. We wanted a a compact e-bike that could be stored easily and a battery that could be easily accessed and removed for charging, but we wanted it to look pleasing to the eye.

  • The 'OUTSIDER' features a removable tank that provides a beautiful look when installed, but also allows for the consumer to remove the battery within 20 seconds. The beautiful seat is reminiscent of the vintage scrambler and again appeals to the eye.

  • The 'OUTSIDER' like the rest of our bikes had to be 100% Road Legal, by ensuring our bikes are 100% Road Legal means consumers can ditch their gas guzzling vehicles and commute effortlessly. By complying with EN15194 we ensure the viability of our product remains strong, the 'OUTSIDER' can be ridden just like a normal bicycle even if the battery were to become fully discharged, furthermore there is no need for expensive licensing, insurance, parking, road tolls or costly maintenance, Consumers who may have lost their license can ride the 'OUTSIDER' without a license.

  • Features a Front LED headlight that turns on from the LCD display and a Rear LED light that also is activated via the LCD control screen.