• 2017

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    Branding and Identity

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  • WeTransfer

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The Netherlands

WeTransfer.com is not your average homepage. Two key factors in our success have been the product’s ease-of-use and aesthetic appeal. We needed a brand identity that reflected the ideas of creative excellence and the craft behind it, and the collaborative, straightforward, nature of our service.

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  • In our brand design we introduced a friendlier color palette and we commissioned a set of illustrations which pop up on our website throughout the transfer process to add in some more personality. The logo we developed is simple, communicative, friendly and adaptable. By dropping the word "transfer" we played up the idea of our service bringing people together, celebrating the collaboration at the heart of the creative community. With its bold, rounded characters we ensured the logo would be legible at various sizes and on different devices.

  • Everything is connected by the sentiment of the brand. Whether that's the animations that greet you when a transfer is finished, our wallpapers studio customizing ads that work for clients and users, our curation teams selecting creative work to inspire you. Information panels slide across the homepage, rather than users clicking off to other micropages to find support. In this way the experience of sending files has been streamlined. The logo needed to work equally well in the corner of your smartphone screen as it does as on a billboard, staying warm, welcoming and recognizable. But also as a physical object, either as a pin or even on a stage the logo needed to be clean and recognizable.

  • Given our large user base, the redesign deliberately feels familiar, but in fact we revisited every design decision to make sure we'd attract more new users and retain our existing fans. With supplementary pages appearing as sliding panels rather than click-outs, the user journey is centered around the background wallpaper. The logo no longer has roots in the typeface used for the original identity. Getting there was anything but a straight line, although the end result might seem perfectly sensible and a clear evolution of its predecessors.

  • We are truly surprised but the overwhelmingly positive reception. We have succeeded in drawing in more users, who are also using WeTransfer more frequently. After the launch we crushed record after record for transfers in a day. Compared to the previous website, transfers went up by ~8% on a daily average. For example on December 7th people made a total 5,46M transfers, while the old record was set at 4.77M. Plus sales went up by ~7% on a daily average, compared with the previous website. What also excites us is to witness how people are equally happy with our new brand experience and improvements on the service. It validates our holistic approach we set to achieve.