The Housesitting Company

  • 2021

  • Digital
    Apps and Software

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The Housesitting Company

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New Zealand

The Housesitting Company app matches people who need an animal loving house sitter (needing a background check) with a sitter who ticks those boxes. The app is designed for fast, hassle-free house sit posting by homeowners, and for quick listing searches and applications by sitters.

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  • The challenge was to make it exceptionally easy to 1) list a house and 2) for a sitter to apply for a house sit. Expanding on this, the challenge was to take large amounts of information required from the home owner and the house sitter, and translate that into a fluid user journey. This challenge has been met so that a homeowner can quickly list their home and their pet (s) that need caring for, and the sitter can rapidly find it in search, and, satisfy the policy and insurance requirements.

  • The app solves the problem in that a homeowner can list a house sit exceptionally quickly, knowing that there is no compromise on policy requirements and insurance that the desktop journey has. Data is available right there at the fingertips. In fact, the app is made for simple scrolling by the thumb. It's so simple for the user, and beautiful too. The app gives ease of access to information, without compromise on conversion and UX.

  • The social impact is one of giving peace of mind to homeowners when they go away. Instead of leaving their home empty - which carries a heightened risk of burglary - the home can be occupied by background checked house sitters. Plus, the homeowners' pets get to stay at home too instead of going to kennels. People make new friends through house sitting too. The app creates higher and faster conversion because it is so easy to use. Instead of a desktop experience, which can be passive and lead to procrastination, the app is a persuasive, efficient journey to getting new clients.

  • Our design enables a user to use just their thumb for key parts of the application and listing process. It's that easy to use. Accessible content: up, left, right - all with the thumb, all working towards a great UX and ultimately conversion followed by an amazing housesitting experience for both homeowner and sitter.