The Greenland Centre

  • 2023

  • Architectural
    Architectual Design

Designed By:

  • Design Architect - BVN
  • Executive Architect - Woods Bagot

Commissioned By:

The Greenland Group

Designed In:


A prime example of urban adaptive reuse, The Greenland Centre is a 68-storey apartment building of two components – a new 40-storey tower incorporating the structure of an existing 26-storey building. The centre also includes multiple retails spaces, car parking, and a City of Sydney Creative Hub.

Image: Tom Roe
Image: John Gollings
Image: John Gollings
Image: Tom Roe
Image: Tom Roe
Image: Tom Roe
Image: John Gollings
Image: John Gollings
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  • -The Greenland Centre project was awarded to BVN through an international City of Sydney design competition. The City of Sydney was particularly interested in the “upcycling” of the existing 1970’s Water Board building into the city’s tallest residential tower at 68 storeys above street level. -BVN identified the further challenge to provide quality internal and external residential amenities at high wind effected levels in the city. Above 20 storeys, apartment living traditionally relies entirely on air-conditioning for ventilation and balconies are rarely able to be enjoyed. -Concealing internal, above ground parking was another challenge.

  • -The decision to retain the steel structure of the existing 26 storey building and add 40+ storeys of a new building on top of it informed the design. Working with engineers, this was structurally achieved by the insertion of a large transfer truss and platform between the lower and upper tower. -Addressing high wind affected levels, BVN developed the ‘Sydney Verandah’. The verandah provides a usable external balcony area in the apartments while offering natural ventilation. -Dimensions of the car park were kept to a minimum and is wrapped by the Creative Hub, concealing it from the street.

  • -The Greenland Centre has been designed to connect with its neighbouring structures and to reference the surrounding streetscape. By maintaining the existing steel structure, construction caused less disturbance to the city and lowered the carbon footprint. -The ‘Sydney Verandah’ achieved what BVN set out to do. Occupants are able to use the balcony all year round. The City of Sydney changed building regulations to encourage the concept in future residential construction. -Concealing the above ground carpark from the street has a positive impact for neighbouring buildings and streetscape.

  • -Central location in an emerging mixed-use precinct in Sydney’s CBD. -A diverse range of residential amenities including 30m indoor/outdoor pool. -Lift lobbies on each level are bathed in light with unprecedented views. -Generous and rational floorplans of the apartments with significant diversity. -The building’s unique identity in the city created by the truss and the ‘Sydney Verandah’. -Enabling equitable access to the neighbouring heritage art deco building which has been converted to a hotel through a site link. -The entrance to the building features site-specific works by artists Agatha Goethe-Snape and Larry Bell. -The Greenland Centre hosts retail space on the ground level, with a dedicated City of Sydney council-owned Creative Hub above comprising state-of-the-art rehearsal and production spaces that wrap around an internal, above ground carpark.