The GREASER | Vintage Electric Bike by Michael Blast

  • 2019

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Commissioned By:

Cedric Sylvestre

Conrad Lovett

Designed In:


The Vintage Inspired GREASER by Michael Blast is an Australian Designed E-bike. Designed to pay soulful tribute to the classic board tracker’s timeless design. Breathing life back into one of history’s masterpiece designs whilst completely revolutionising the way we view electric bikes.

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  • - To create an e-bike that paid soulful tribute to the timeless and classic Board Track Racer, it had to be stylish, affordable and perfect as a daily commuter. - Be easy to mass produce, easy to maintain and be environmentally friendly - Live up to and exceed current industry standards eg. Weight to be under 30kgs, range per single charge of 30 kms - Have the battery and electronics hidden so as not to distract the eye when glancing at the clean design lines

  • - Our design was an instant hit with our demographic, they loved the timeless look and feel of the bike, it also was more affordable than many competitors brands - Our custom parts were manufactured in a way that could be scaled up in a short amount of time, We used only brand name battery cells to lessen our carbon footprint. - Our bike weighed in at 28kg and range exceeded 50+kms per charge - The design of the tank allowed for the battery and electronics to be hidden which enabled smooth design lines to be maintained which is more pleasing to the eye.

  • The GREASER: - Relieves the environment of unnecessary pollution, creating a cleaner planet today and well into the future. - Has inspired many to get outdoors and make an effort to get healthy or get mobile again due to injuries from the past - Encourages those who live busy lifestyles to leave their car at home and commute to work - No drivers licence, registration or parking tickets make for a very affordable alternative style of commute. - Entices all who ride to disconnect from their phones and other electronics and just enjoy life without the worrisome pressures of day to day life

  • The Greaser is far more than just an E-bike, it represents a lifestyle that is bringing together in perfect harmony ‘the old’ and ‘the new’. Inspiring people to make good choices for themselves and our environment, it's easy to make better lifestyle changes when you look and feel fantastic doing it. The GREASER is a reminder that history has left us with some very inspiring designs, that still to this day can have such a huge impact on our lives and those we share these designs with. Seducing lovers of old cars, fashion icons, celebrities and everyone in-between. We hope our soulful tribute, to one of history's finest designs inspires you to also "Leave a Legacy" We will be known forever by the tracks that we leave.