The Gatekeeper

  • 2020

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

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Ai Golf

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The Gatekeeper is a precision golf training aid designed for enthusiasts of all skill levels wanting to improve their putting game. The patented device mimics the pendulum putting action performed by the golfer and provides feedback on tempo, face rotation and stroke.

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  • Golfers require more than a sunk ball or a miss as feedback to improve their putting stroke. Until now, there have been no other offerings of a training aid which can successfully assess tempo, stroke and face rotation in an affordable and compact solution. Without The Gatekeeper it is challenging to pinpoint what element of the putting stroke requires attention to improve ball accuracy. It is important that all skill levels are accommodated and can easily adapt to an advancing Golfer. With so many shaft sizes, diameters and lie angles available on the market, all putters must be considered.

  • The Gatekeeper breaks down the critical elements of a putting stroke with immediate feedback. The compact device intuitively attaches to any putter size and is completely adjustable to ensure an accurate evaluation and angle. The putting stroke aims to have the putter head swinging in rhythm, comparable to a pendulum motion. The Gatekeeper mimics this action by releasing a suspended ball and offering a tracking pathway that visually reflects any putter movements. Three ball sizes offer ranging levels of difficulty and are easily interchangeable through the magnetic connection at the end of the cord.

  • Golfers now have a non-negotiable assessment device to critique their putting stroke which provides instant feedback for efficient improvement. The Gatekeeper’s compact design is also very affordable, allowing all golfers an opportunity to improve their putting game. Coaches have found value in The Gatekeeper's ability to reiterate to their clients how all stages of the putting stroke impact the ball's path. There have been orders globally with particular interest during this crazy new time due to it's ability to promote self-improvement.

  • The clamp and adapter sleeve allows fitment on all shaft sizes and sizes. A discrete rest feature allows the user to easily stop ball from swinging, whilst maintaining their putting position. Design of fold-down 'tracking wings' harmonize with visual alignment aids of the putter head (either dotted lines or solid line). The consistent design of all touch points directs the user's interaction to all adjustment features. Swing bolt on clamp ensures The Gatekeeper is fixed to putter shaft. Flexibility to configure the product for different practice drills (ie. fold one wing up and practice tempo).