The Florey

  • 2021

  • Engineering

Designed By:

  • Neale Sutton, Managing Director, Humanihut
  • Kadego

Commissioned By:

Neale Sutton, Managing Director, Humanihut Pty Ltd

Designed In:


The Florey is Humanihut’s portable isolation hospital. Originally designed and created to assist with the COVID-19 pandemic, The Florey is also ideally suited for ongoing use in a wide range of future medical and healthcare applications; from a small healthcare centre, to a fully deployed field hospital.

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  • Already under strain in many countries, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly increased the pressure on existing medical infrastructures around the world, and emergency hospital beds offering single occupancy isolation facilities are in short supply. Many countries that have still not yet reached the peak of coronavirus cases, or have reached their peak earlier than expected, are now racing to source individual isolation rooms to ease the gravity on existing healthcare systems. The Florey is the ideal, temporary solution which has been designed and engineered specifically to meet healthcare expansion requirements.

  • The Florey is delivered in two 40ft containers and can be established on a greenfield site in a matter of hours. One container has 16 Huts which convert to single occupancy isolation ensuite rooms with negative air pressure filtration systems throughout to control airborne infection. Once empty, that container reconfigures into a doctors' workstation with digital wi-fi connectivity and staff recreational space. The second container, which has all the necessary ancillaries, reconfigures into a bathroom, laundry, and kitchenette facility for staff. The entire system has an anti-bacterial, high-gloss, white surface coating throughout allowing for easy, hygienic cleaning.

  • The Florey is a fully integrated system, which is delivered directly to its required location worldwide by air, sea, rail, or road, and can be established on a greenfield site in as little as one day. When no longer required, The Florey can be removed from site in the same time it took to deploy, leaving a limited environmental footprint. With the ability to be redeployed as many times as required throughout its 20-year lifespan, The Florey will exceed expectations; operationally, financially, logistically, and environmentally.

  • The hinge which allows the floor, walls and roof to remain connected, ensuring rapid establishment, has been designed by the Humanihut Team, and is protected by a pending patent. These two design initiatives place The Florey into its own category with known commercial alternatives, but as yet, no immediate commercial competitors. The flexibility and adaptability of The Florey allows it to be completely scalable, and several systems can be joined to form one larger modular facility to meet required demand. The configuration is capable of providing a negative pressure environment, which is essential for facilities designed to offer appropriate care to patients with respiratory diseases such as COVID-19. Also, with each room/ward having its own ensuite, cross-infection within shared bathroom facilities is mitigated. With the COVID-19 pandemic severely testing the resilience of medical infrastructure and healthcare systems, preparation and strategic forward planning is key to ensuring that agencies around the world are better prepared for future demand. The Florey is a logistically, highly efficient solution, ideally suited to meet requirements.