The Delicacy Seen in Original

  • 2017

  • Architectural
    Place Design

Designed By:

  • Chin-Chun Wu

Commissioned By:

RuiFeng Construction Co., Ltd.

Designed In:


The design of hollow logs represents the power of original lives which secure the environment with privacy. The indoor paintings, in the meantime, act in cooperation with the outdoor stones, the logical and apparent skills that are both majestic and delicate.

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  • The swimming pool and SPA are built on the fourth floor, on which the rest room and dressing room are functioned as a medium so that the designer has made part of the indoor space become the outdoor environment by building up a grille ceiling and lights that make the inner space filled with natural lights. The beauty of inconsistency is created by polished stone floor and coarse stone wall, which correspond to stones configurations that the flowing water and swirling steam present the image on the floor and the travertine from Iran presents the horizontal patterns on the wall as well.

  • The rest room, in which people may stay for a while, is furnished with the slope style made by cone stones. Furthermore, the light-colored coarse stone walls are embedded with dark stone plates, with the different vertical lightings, have ingeniously put an emphasis on the lithe characteristic of the space. The stone bar, with lively table patterns and by means of ceiling lights, has made lines on the stones ,as if water, flow on the floor, and created the floating 3-D visual effect in the space. The LED ceiling, furnished with black mirror, has magnified the visual effects from every dimension that bring the residence the most relaxing feeling.

  • The KTV, on the top floor of the building, is designed into an arc space, for the limited inner space. Taking advantage of a tall building, the designer innovatively furnishes the inner space with oval ceiling light which magnifies the whole space. Followed by the great audio equipment that play different music for different atmospheres, the modern blue light, olive green flannel couch, and silver pillows express diverse atmospheres by different lightings. The walls, furnished with sound-absorbing foam and leather, has isolated the interferences among spaces.

  • The entrance of the driveway, generally negligible for darkness, has been designed with white U-shaped ceiling that the delicate wood grains curling up, along the building structure, and flowing down as if raining, the design calming the mindsets after working all day long and demonstrating the designer's skills in processing inconsistencies appropriately when confronting with different demands for a number of residences.