Tefal IXEO Power All-In-One Solution

  • 2020

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    Domestic Appliances

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Groupe SEB (Tefal)

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Tefal IXEO Power All-In-One Solution is in a league of its own and shows the way towards the future of high-efficiency steaming and lightweight ironing. IXEO will change the way you think about ironing, and what was once a laborious chore now becomes efficient, easy and even quite enjoyable!

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  • When it comes to linen and garment care, it can be a tough decision as to whether you should buy a steam iron, a steam station or a garment steamer. For many of us, we can see the benefits of each type of appliance but still struggle to decide which one would be best for our own situation. Tefal lives and breathes innovation, and their most recent revolution is a brilliant new appliance called IXEO that is the ultimate all-in-one ironing and steaming solution for professional and versatile garment care.

  • IXEO brings together the benefits of both an iron and a steamer, complete with an exclusive and patented built-in Smart Board that can function in multiple positions for the ultimate in versatility and ergonomic use. IXEO Power is even more intuitive with more powerful steam than the original model, boasting a steam output comparable to a boiler steam generator. Combining multiple appliances and equipment into a single portable device, IXEO Power is the combination of everything you need when it comes to linen care and is a design solution that hasn’t previously existed.

  • The original Tefal IXEO effectively created a brand new segment within the linen care market, and the new IXEO Power model further strives to improve the lives of consumers as it is easier to use, safer, and more convenient. Designed to replace three items, an all-in-one solution, it saves space as well as saves unnecessary purchases. When used in the Eco mode, energy consumption is reduced by 20% and the machine parts are also recyclable. As with most Tefal products, IXEO Power can be repaired for 10 years, promoting a long use of product and a reduction of waste.

  • * Used in the vertical position, the Smart Board allows for the movement and use of a standard garment steamer, with the added benefit of a precise ironing result. The 30° angle position of the Smart Board is perfectly designed for both ironing and steaming, while providing excellent ergonomic positioning and a clear vision of the garment you’re working on. The horizontal position emulates a traditional ironing board, without the hassle of setting up a cumbersome separate board or finding storage for it afterwards. * With its sanitizing power, IXEO Power allows you to refresh your garments instead of putting them through a complete washing cycle, saving energy and water consumption while also ensuring the longevity of garments. * And for those of you looking for even more, the main unit and steam head detaches from the Smart Board so that you can steam and sanitise all around the house with minimal effort. Upholstery, curtains and even bed linen are ideal candidates for steaming, as the power of steam kills up to 99.9% of bacteria.